Kospet Tank T2 Smartwatch – The Best Budget Smartwatch Alternative Eclipsing Garmin Performance

Kospet Tank T2

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The smartwatch industry was taken by storm when Tank T2 came to the shops of online marketplaces across all compass points. This was designed and made by Kospet, one of the fastest-growing brands in the smartwatch space.

Kospet was founded in 2018, and by harnessing a vast network of facilities and branches from Washington to Hong Kong, it was able to create a revolutionary smartwatch product at unbeatable prices.

The Kospet Tank T2 smartwatch boasts peerless versatility, a sleek design, and an unparalleled level of durability.

The Durability of a Tank

Aptly named after its outstanding sturdiness, Kospet’s Tank T2 is made of remarkably rugged metal material, which makes it impervious to nearly all sorts of physical damage. 

Whether it be an accidental drop from a high altitude or it falls under the tires of a vehicle, the Kospet Tank T2 will remain functional and intact.

In addition to being exceptionally resistant to drops and crush damage, the Tank 2 smartwatch is also highly resistant to vibration. Athletes and sportspeople can freely wear it while performing ultra-fast movements or rapid motions, such as sprinting or swimming.

Kospet Tank T2 Display -Black
Powered by an AMOLED screen
Kospet Tank T2 Display -Silver
The AMOLED screen on Silver

A New Age AMOLED Screen

Featuring an innovative active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screen, the Kospet Tank T2 smartwatch consumes far less power, offers the benefits of rapid motion response, and yields a significantly higher image quality in comparison to contemporary alternatives.

It rocks an advanced cathode layer and a TFT array that grace it with enhanced flexibility, screen brightness, image clarity, and better contrast.

Tank T2’s AMOLED screen was engineered with premium quality self-luminescent materials that enable it to display even the most minute of details at all times.

Always-On Time Display

Many smartwatch models fail to remain true to their “smart” title by cutting corners when it comes to the primary function of a watch – showing the time and keeping the wearer of the watch informed.

That’s not the case with Kospet’s Tank T2, as this revolutionary smartwatch features an Always-on Time Display function.

Regardless of whether the wearer is commuting, participating in sports activities, enjoying good music at a concert, or simply watching TV at home, the Tank T2 will accurately show the current time.

This feature works in perfect harmony with its advanced AMOLED screen. By being superiorly energy-efficient relative to smartwatches with OLED or LCD displays, this smartwatch will extend its primary functionalities to the wearer for extended periods.

Kospet Tank T2 Build
Kospet Tank T2 built out of high-strength metal | Kospet

Extraordinary Battery Life

Knowing that many people fall out of love with their smartwatches when they have to constantly worry about the battery dying out, Kospet came to a solution – a long-lasting battery powered by proprietary software algorithms that enable the Tank T2 smartwatch to remain active longer than any other budget smartwatch in the current market.

The Tank T2 is equipped with a 410 mAh cobalt battery, which boasts superior voltage and capacity relative to its Lithium-ion counterparts. This smartwatch is also supplied with a double-mode processor that further reduces its overall energy consumption.

When used throughout the entire day, the pure cobalt battery can endure up to 15 days of use while its 50-day standby time is currently unbeatable by competing smartwatch models.

Where Others are Water Resistant, T2 is Water Immune

Water-resistance ratings are clearly defined by the IP Code developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); not so many brands can boast about designing a smartwatch that will remain unfazed by high water pressure and immersion, but Kospet can.

With IP69K dynamic waterproof rating, the Tank T2 smartwatch has pushed the envelope in the fitness smartwatch space. 

As imparted by Kospet’s spokesperson, the brand purposefully went for a design type that can empower consumers and athletes that engage in water-based activities almost on a daily basis.

From jogging in the rain and splashing water in the pool to surfing, swimming, and scuba diving, Tank T2 offers its wearer peace of mind. The watch can endure up to 50m of water pressure, regardless of the water jet’s temperature.

Kospet Tank T2 Optical Sensor
Kospet Tank T2 Optical Sensor | Kospet

‘Round the Clock Health Tracker

Kospet’s Tank T2 is a hybrid between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. It rocks state-of-the-art fitness tracking capabilities, a broad range of tracking modes, and an advanced sensor that empowers it with surgical precision.

The brand has developed a revolutionary sporting algorithm designed to accurately track an extensive list of crucial health and fitness-related metrics, but more importantly, Kospet’s T2 features the BioTracker optical biometric sensor.

The wearer of the Tank T2 smartwatch can quickly access their blood oxygen level, sleep quality level, stress level, heart rate, and a host of other health-related metrics.

Streamlining Audio Calls With Single Switch to Bluetooth Calling

Modern-day smartwatches are dancing toe to toe with smartphones in terms of connectivity and communication capabilities. 

Kospet wanted to create a model that will further simplify the way consumers can call or receive calls on their smartwatches by introducing a streamlined one-tap switch-to-call function.

Aside from the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity, Tank T2 rocks the RealTek 8763EW CPU that boasts two Bluetooth modes. With one, the wearer of the T2 can seamlessly make or receive calls while with the second mode, the user can play their favorite tunes.

Hi-fidelity audio quality is present in both modes, provided by the inbuilt XX audio-decoding chip.

The sonic characteristics of audio in the Tank T2 smartwatch can best be described as pristinely clear and crisp while the bass is as deep and vibrant as ever.

Kospet Tank T2 Display
TANK T2 supports as many as 70 sports modes
Kospet Tank T2 Display
Always On-Time display feature

A Mode for Every Occasion

Kospet engaged in extensive research before designing the Tank T2 smartwatch, wanting to ensure that all smartwatch fans and enthusiasts will find their needs catered to by this revolutionary product.

Tank T2 boasts 70 unique sports modes, all of which follow different tracking parameters. From hiking and skiing to swimming, bodybuilding, and beyond, Kospet’s T2 has made data collection and processing simple, efficient, and accurate.

Additionally, this innovative smartwatch harnesses the power of Smart Recognition to ensure the right mode is selected every time.

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