Kyron Gaia Upgrades Their Speaker System by Releasing Gaia Evolution Speaker


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Kyron Audio has announced the launching of a new edition of the Gaia music system, aiming to provide an unrivaled home music experience. The original Gaia was released in 2011 and won “Best Sound in Show” against all established competitors at the Australian International Hi-Fi Show. 

This current version, called ‘Gaia – Evolution,’ dramatically improves performance by enhancing every aspect of the system.

The Chief Systems Architect and co-founder, Leon Suter, states, “We built Gaia to be the most efficient and musically pleasing system on the earth. Gaia introduces an entirely new kind of sound system, combining stunning 3D holographic sound with opulent and elegant design.”

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Kyron is known for taking a turnkey strategy to high-end audio, manufacturing and designing both the loudspeakers and the electronics that power them. 

The Gaia system contains ten amplification channels as well as a sophisticated preamplifier with remote control and a touch screen interface. Kyron also offers factory installation and tweaking of each system, as each is designed to order and therefore must suit its unique listening environment.

The new Gaia is a five-way system with a pair of limited edition Kyron Mercury subwoofers for extremely low bass. 

Gaia features 14 12-inch woofer drivers that move a massive amount of air, allowing the system to produce excellent resolution and bass extension while also giving ‘no-box’ clarity and speed for all sounds except subsonic.

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A newly designed tweeter waveguide was developed in-house for the patented Danish designed and produced tweeter motor to merge into the dipole MTM midrange section.

The essential amplifiers are a joint effort, with the ultimate stage utilizing Hypex’s unique nCore technology.

A Kyron-developed ultra-low distortion first stage, developed in-house to interact directly with the unique Hypex design, provides about half of the gain. 

The two subwoofer amplifiers are made in Denmark, and each has a power and control rating of 2500 Watts.

The new Gaia preamplifier design has twice the digital signal processing capacity of the previous Gaia, providing computational power for the unique algorithm that operates the Linear Phase Crossovers, room correction, and frequency response adjustment to +/- 0.1dB SPL, as well as phase correction. 

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The resultant in-room reproduction is extraordinarily accurate and color-free when paired with the acoustic design’s directional properties.

Gaia has always been built to make an impression, but this is not limited to thrilling sound reproduction. The company has an evident physical presence and is invariably the focal point of any space.

Kyron works closely with each customer to ensure that their audio system complements their style. 

Alcantara, Nappa leathers, precious metals, and unique paint treatments provide a level of personalization, befitting a product of this sophistication and performance.

(Image Credit: Kyron)

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