Let the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal Take a Place in Your Home Cinema Setup

Dali Oberon Grand Vokal

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The Oberon series from Dali has a new addition, which goes by Dali Oberon Grand Vokal. In true essence, it is a premium center speaker that Dali has designed to be integrated into pretty much any Dali speaker package.

However, the company claims that the Oberon Grand Vokal performs the best when you pair it up with the powerful Oberon 9 system. 

Nonetheless, as you might have guessed from the word “Vokal Grand” in its name, the center speaker is pretty large in size. To be exact, it is larger than Dali’s existing Vokal center speaker.

Dali Oberon Grand Vokal
Source: Dali

The story is pretty similar for the price. It is much more expensive than Dali’s regular Vokal center channel in its Oberon range. Regarding features, the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal is a two-way center channel speaker

It comes with a pair of 7-inch SMC-based woofers. These woofers can offer crips and clear bass with minimal levels of distortion. In addition, the Oberon Grand Vokal packs a 29mm dome soft tweeter

According to Dali, this exact configuration of the Oberon Grand Vokal will deliver “crystal clear dialogue, sound effects, and music at any volume.”

Dali Oberon Grand Vokal
Source: Dali

In other words, you are sure to get the full details of the audio even at the highest possible volume level. Dali adds that the speaker bears overarching characteristics that are present throughout the Oberon series.

There’s a focus on power handling and dynamics. As Dali has prioritized these two, you get “transparent sound” at high and low volume levels. The Dali Oberon Grand Vokal also comes with a versatile design.

You can place it below or above your screen. You don’t need to bother about unwanted vibrations either. The speaker has an inert, resonance-free cabinet. This cabinet can efficiently tackle vibrations.

Dali Oberon Grand Vokal
Source: Dali

Moving on, the tweeter of the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal is pretty oversized. And this oversized tweeter has a membrane that is formed of an ultra-lightweight weave fabric. 

According to the company, this membrane is half the weight of what others in the market are using. Thanks to its lightweight nature, the membrane can deliver an extended frequency response range. 

It even enhances the sound dispersion, allowing the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal to fill the room with clear and transparent sound.

Dali Oberon Grand Vokal
Source: Dali

In addition, the patented SMC disc inside the magnet iron pole-piece of the woofer plays a role in the sound performance. Dali says that it helps to reduce mechanical distortion, which results in a “relaxed midrange” that’s full of detail.

Amazed with all that it has to offer? You can pre-order the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal right now in two different options. The first is Black Ash, and the second is Dark Walnut. Both look exquisite and blend easily with a premium audio setup.

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