Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers Makes Grand Entry At AXPONA

Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers

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If you are at the AXPONA 2023 event, you need to check out the Q Acoustics 5000 series speakers. The entire lineup comes with advanced technologies and sticks with a state-of-the-art design. Both of these factors make the speakers take a big leap in the HiFi world.

Among the highlights, there’s the advancement in driver design, the introduction of the C3 Continous Curved Cone profile, and a highly innovative cabinet and driver technology from the concept range of the company. 

The Q Acoustics 5000 series positions itself in between the Concept Series mode and the 3000i range. And the lineup comprises a 5010 bookshelf, 5040 floor-stander, 5020 stand-mount, and 5090 center-channel speakers. All these units make the whole range a full-fledged lineup for a home cinema setup.

Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers
5010: Bookshelf Speaker; Source: Q Acoustics

As mentioned earlier, the range integrates many new innovations. And each of them is there to deliver a better sound profile. 

For example, the C3 design of the mid/bass driver makes sure that you get a smoother high-frequency sound with the tweeter. It even ensures superior bass dynamics.

On the note of the mid/bass driver, the ground-up design delivers increased power handling. There’s Point-2-Point internal bracing that stiffens the cabinet to minimize the lower frequency vibrations as much as possible. 

Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers
5040: Floorstanding Speaker; Source: Q Acoustics

That eventually improves the stereo imaging and soundstage of the sound. Moreover, you have the Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers. They are there to reduce the standing waves and internal pressure of the 5040 and 5050 models. Q Acoustics 5000 series has most of the advanced audio tech that could integrate.

Getting back to the C3 cone design, this profile is the result of expert engineering combined with extensive research on bass performance. 

Compared to the traditional straight conic cone, it delivers a lot of benefits with high/mid-range frequency control.

Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers
5090: Center Speaker; Source: Q Acoustics

On the exterior, the Q Acoustics 5000 series has a minimalist design. The baffle fronts of the speakers are laminated with black acrylic trim and a butyl rubber layer. 

Not only does it offer a better damping layer, but it also provides a clean front outlook that does not have any fixings in sight.

For all the speakers in the Q Acoustics 5000 series, you can choose from four modern and classic finishes. Each one of them will complement any living space and bring the most out of the existing setups.

Q Acoustics 5000 Series Loudspeakers
5090: Center Speaker; Source: Q Acoustics

The 5040 and 5050 models also come with solid aluminum stabilizers. These stabilizers have top-adjustable spikes, making it easier to adjust the level. 

On the other hand, the low-profile terminals will ensure you get a tidy appearance after completing the setup.

Finally, the inner chamber of the Q Acoustics 5000 series tweeter has inner chamber venting. That further lowers the distortion and delivers a low crossover point for seamless integration.

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