Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3: High-End and Feature-Packed Loudspeakers!

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3

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The Spanish HiFi brand has just debuted its high-end Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3 loudspeakers. As a brand-new two-way speaker, the LM3 speakers utilize a design that pushes the limits of the standard two-way setup. 

And it does that by utilizing an innovative crossover design, high-end drivers, premium components, and an in-depth study of energy and control.

According to Miguel Lorenzo Castro, the LM3 speakers aim to be versatile and powerful speakers that can adapt to any space. 

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3
LM3; Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

Whether your room is small, medium, or large, the new two-way speaker will not fail to deliver you the ultimate HiFi experience.

Lorenzo Castro further stated that the Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3 loudspeakers come with top-quality, powerful drivers that can deliver a “relaxed and emotional sound.” But what is precisely so great about the design of the new speakers?

At the core, the Lorenzo LM3 loudspeakers come with two individual pieces. That is, it comes with a stand and speaker unit. 

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3
LM3; Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

Hence, it sticks to the true two-way speaker configuration. But yes, the package that you will get will have them joined together.

Other than that, the speaker boasts a solid cabinet build. This cabinet is 41mm thick and is made of phenolic laminated wood. 

The speakers pack dual bass-reflex ports that are down-firing. And as the horn and the tweeter have gone through a 5-axis CNC machinery process, you can expect to get a sleek and premium outlook.

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3
Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

The Lorenzo loudspeakers do not skimp one bit when it comes to the durability level. To ensure that, the brand has opted for natural wood veneer, which is naturally selected for durability. 

Moreover, the speakers have gone through a 100% handcrafting process that’s carried out by a 4th generation craftsman.

On that note, the family of this craftsman has been working with wood since 1888, utilizing only traditional techniques. So, it goes without saying that the Lorenzo LM3 looks pleasing to the eyes.

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3
Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

Besides, the steel feet of the loudspeakers are designed in-house, using a lower piece from Panzerholz to remove vibrations from the floor. You can also get the speakers in other wood finishes by requesting them. What about the drivers? 

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM3 loudspeaker features drivers that utilize paper cones with alnico magnets in the woofers. The same thing applies to the AMT horn tweeters.

You will also find a hand-welded passive crossover without printed circuit boards. They feature high-grade components from Jantzen, Mundorf, and Pathaudio. So, overall, you can expect the speakers to provide you with an ultimate music-listening experience.

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