Focal P60 Limited Edition: Incredible Experience for Porsche 911 (992) Owners

Focal P60 Limited Edition

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If you find the built-in sound system of your Porche 911 (922) average, you need to check out the Focal P60 Limited Edition! 

The offering is a one-of-a-kind product from the brand. It has utilized its years of experience in manufacturing high-end speakers to come up with something that’s basically a self-install speaker kit.

As you can imagine, the speaker kit is a perfect fit for the Porche 911 (992). The speakers come in a bespoke case that sports an engraved aluminum plate. 

Focal P60 Limited Edition
Source: Jumpstory

This plate assures that the kit is authentic. Why would a speaker system require a certification plate? 

Well, as the name suggests, the product is a limited edition. Moreover, to keep things interesting, the Focal P60 is only available in a limited number to Porsche 911. 

That means there’s a kit for everyone who owns a Porsche 911. The installation process of the kit is very simple. 

Focal P60 Limited Edition
Source: Jumpstory

But to ensure you do not face any issues, the kit will come with a quick start guide that will walk you through the entire process.

According to the press release of Focal, you can swap out the original speakers of the Porche 911 with the Limited Edition Focal P60. 

The kit is designed to be in the same location as the car’s built-in speakers. Therefore, you don’t have to handle any power tools to get a perfect fit. Wondering what the P60 consists of? 

Focal P60 Limited Edition
Focal P60 Limited Edition; Source: Focal

There are two eight-inch woofers. These utilize the Focal’ W’ composite sandwich cone. You will also find four-inch midrange drivers that use the same cone material.

In addition to that, the kit contains two 42mm Beryllium inverted dome tweeters to offer you an authentic HiFi experience

According to Focal, the kit will deliver “an unparalleled level of detail, uncolored sound, powerful and dynamic bass, as well as an even larger soundstage.”

Focal P60 Limited Edition
Source: Jumpstory

Of course, you will also get the serial number plate that will authenticate that you have the real deal. That said, it is not like the Porsche 911 (922) comes with an average-quality sound system.

To be exact, the car manufacturer offers an optional high-end surround system that is from Burmester. And according to different tests, the speaker system is excellent. So, Focal does have a worthy competitor to beat with the Focal P60 Limited Edition.

Nonetheless, if you are actually planning to get one, you need to hurry up. As discussed, the speaker kit is very limited in numbers. So, even if you have the money to get one, you might not find one in stock.

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