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KYY Portable Monitor

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Whether you want to stay productive on the go or a solution that lets you get your entertainment fix while you’re out of home, the KYY Portable Monitor is a perfect pick for both.

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KYY Portable Monitor

The KYY Portable Monitor is a compact, 16:9 monitor that can travel anywhere you take your laptop, console, or handheld gaming devices. It has a 1080p full HD display, as well as internal speakers, to offer you the best possible experience.

To be exact, you can use this portable display for pretty much anything. It comes packed with high-end specs and convenient features that let you take things to the next level.

And the great part? The KYY Portable Monitor is currently on sale. By acting fast, you can get a massive 55% discount on the portable display.

KYY Portable Monitor
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Wondering whether the portable monitor is actually worth the purchase or not? In that case, you need to know about everything it offers. To start with, the unit comes with a 15.6-inch IPS screen with a 178-degree viewing angle.

What’s more important is that the display has an FHD resolution and features HDR technology. These two make sure that you get an enhanced viewing experience. 

Also, thanks to having a 60Hz refresh rate, games on it feel reasonably smooth. Another great thing about the KYY Portable Monitor is that it is widely compatible.

KYY Portable Monitor
Source: Amazon

The monitor comes with 2 USB-C ports and 1 Mini-HDMI port. These ports let you quickly hook up a laptop, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and other consoles with the display.

Once you set it up, you can use it like a regular monitor or external display. That means you can select the second screen, duplicate, and extended modes if you want to.

True to its name, the KYY Portable Monitor is highly portable. It features an ultra-compact form factor and weighs just 1.7 lb.

KYY Portable Monitor
Source: Amazon

Thanks to its super-slim nature and lightweight build, you can easily carry the display with you anywhere and everywhere. On the note of the build, the portable display is ready for anything you throw at it. 

It has a durable PU leather exterior, which protects the screen while traveling with it. The PU leather exterior also doubles as a stand. 

That means you don’t need to get extra accessories to get yourself the perfect setup for productivity and the ultimate entertainment experience. Moreover, the PU leather exterior has two grooves. These grooves make it easier to set the viewing angle.

KYY Portable Monitor
Source: Amazon

Last but not least, there’ll be no need to carry a portable speaker with you either.  The KYY Portable Monitor has built-in speakers that can offer loud and crisp audio. As the unit integrates a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can also hook headphones to it.

Overall, the portable display is a perfect pick for anyone who stays on the go. It lets you take an ultimate productivity or entertainment setup with you everywhere!

KYY Portable Monitor 15.6inch 1080P FHD USB-C, HDMI Computer Display HDR IPS Gaming Monitor w/Premium Smart Cover & Screen Protector, Speakers, for Laptop PC MAC Phone PS4 Xbox Switch
KYY Portable Monitor

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