McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer Launched

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer

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With “massive” magnets and four 13-inch woofers, the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer is now official. And as you can tell, it’s unlike any other subwoofer you might’ve encountered.

One of the things that make it stand out is that it utilizes the Low Distortion High Performance Magnetic Circuit Design, which is patented by none other than McIntosh.

Such a design significantly reduces the distortion while increasing the power handling and efficiency of the drivers. When it comes to power, a dedicated 500-watt Class D amplifier powers the four drivers of the P2K Powered Subwoofer.

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer
Source: McIntosh

This Class-D amp can deliver a total power output of up to 2,000 watts. More importantly, the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer amplifier is calibrated to minimize the distortion level of the sound output and produce tight and clear bass.

As a matter of fact, the sound distortion remains at a pretty negligible level even during the expansive listening spaces.

In addition to that, the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer comes with multi-layer carbon fiber cones. According to McIntosh, the regular carbon fiber cones are generally of a single layer of carbon fiber.

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer
Source: McIntosh

Such a construction gives the regular carbon fibers a bit of flexibility, which can sometimes negatively impact the sound performance. On the other hand, the new multilayer carbon cones of the P2K Powered Subwoofer are integrated into a joint.

They come with a voice coil, which can resist extended excursion travel. Moreover, they excel in creating extreme rigidity, eliminating the chances of unwanted flexing during playbacks.

According to the President, Charlie Randall, “McIntosh has always prioritized top-of-the-line sound quality, innovation, versatility, and longevity within its products.”

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer
Source: McIntosh

Charlie continued, “The PS2K Powered Subwoofer is a true testament to all of the brand’s core principles. We’re incredibly excited to see consumers’ reactions as they transform their listening spaces with this premium subwoofer.”

Besides that, the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer features a wide range of connectivity options. They’re all compatible with basically any installation. So, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a multi-channel or two-channel setup.

But, if you’re wondering, the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer features unbalanced and balanced stereo ports in addition to unbalanced and balanced subwoofer ports.

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer
Source: McIntosh

It also has support for daisy-chaining, allowing you to tweak the connectivity and get yourself a proper setup with more than one McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer unit.

Other than that, the PS2K comes with Power Guard. At the core, it’s a feature that monitors the audio input signal that’s coming into the amplifiers and makes near light speed adjustments to prevent harsh-sounding audio output.

The McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer also has a Sentry Monitor. It’s a fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit, which protects the amplifiers by cutting the output stage before the current exceeds the safe levels.

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