Meet the New Master & Dynamic MH40 V2

Master & Dynamic MH40 V2

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The original Master & Dynamic MH40 was a great pair of headphones. Not only does the headphone look good, but it offers decent overall performance. 

But both Master & Dynamic and fans knew that it could be better. Well, that is exactly where the Master & Dynamic MH40 V2 steps in. At the core, the MH40 V2 is a wireless version of the MH40 over-ear headphone. 

Just like the MHD40, the MHD 40 V2 comes with a retro-style design, making it sit comfortably in the list of the best wireless headphones with a premium design. 

Master & Dynamic MH40 V2
Source: Master & Dynamic

However, wireless connectivity is not the only thing the MH40 V2 has going for. So, what changed? 

Let’s take a deeper look into the Master & Dynamic MH40 V2 to understand the new version better. So, it comes with the same brushed aluminum and leather stylings. But under the hood, you will find all-new 40mm titanium drivers. 

As you can expect, these drivers aim to improve the audio performance of the MHD40 V2. For wireless connectivity, Master & Dynamic went for Bluetooth 5.2. 

Master & Dynamic MH40 V2
Source: Master & Dynamic

It brings support for aptX Adaptive, AAC, and SBC codecs at up to 24-bt/96kHz. And if you do not like how the drivers sound in the default settings, you can customize the EQ. There’s an improved app for that. However, you are unlikely to feel the need to do so. 

According to Master & Dynamic, the driver config of the MH40 V2 delivers “crystal clear highs and full-sounding lows.” So you will surely catch every detail of the audio playback.

Other than that, the microphone setup of the Master & Dynamic MH40 V2 is pretty great. It can clearly pick up your voice and feed it through when you are on a call. 

Master & Dynamic MH40 V2
Source: Master & Dynamic

Although, there’s no Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The battery life of the Master & Dynamic MH40 V2 is pretty great too. 

It comes with a large-capacity battery that can offer up to 30 hours of run time. You don’t have to worry too much when the battery runs out of juice too. 

The pair of headphones come with a quick-charge feature, which can offer six hours of runtime with just 15 minutes of charge.

Master & Dynamic MH40 V2
Source: Master & Dynamic

In terms of colors, you will have the freedom to choose one among five different colors. And as you can tell, all of them make the headphone look very classy and retro. 

Finally, all the new aforementioned features come with a price. Yes, the Master & Dynamic MH40 V2 is pricier than the regular MHD40. But overall, the extra cost seems to be worth it.

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