Meet Vocaster: The One-Stop Solution for All Your Content Creation and Podcasting Needs

Focusrite Vocaster One-Stop Solution for Content Creation and Podcasting

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There has been a surge in podcasters and content creators lately. And the same thing goes with the users that rely on them for their entertainment needs.

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Focusrite Vocaster Two

Automatically set gain to get a great recording level in seconds with 70 dB of gain on tap, plenty for any for any mic with no gain booster needed.

According to Buzzsprout, more than 75.9 million people in the US regularly listen to podcasts. And it will grow significantly by 2023. This trend might make you want to be one of them. Well, Vocaster has your back in this regard!

When starting podcasting or wanting to elevate your current content-creating performance, the first challenge is choosing the right tech. 

Focusrite Vocaster One-Stop Solution for Content Creation and Podcasting
Source: Focusrite

There are many, but not all will let you ensure that the content’s audio is up to the standards. But it’s not just about the tech. 

There is a massive conflict regarding advice on which device, software, and accessories you need to offer your listeners a pleasant experience.

To solve all these issues, Focusrite has launched Vocaster. It is a brand-new product range that will eliminate all your stress. In the range, you will find several kit options. 

Focusrite Vocaster One-Stop Solution for Content Creation and Podcasting
Source: Focusrite

These kits feature easy-to-use functionality, which is pretty much crucial for new podcasters. That functionality will also benefit the intermediate podcasters, enabling them to bring up more of their ideas to life. 

You will basically not need to worry about failing to make your record sound professional. But is that all the Vocaster kit options have to bring to the table? Not at all; there are many others things that set the kits apart from the rest of the competition.

For example, you will enjoy an Auto Gain tool with the Vocaster kit. It will allow you to quickly set the levels and easily get more than enough gain on tap for most of the podcasting microphones.

Focusrite Vocaster One-Stop Solution for Content Creation and Podcasting
Source: Focusrite

Then, you have an Enhance feature, allowing you to boost audio quickly. With this feature of the Vocaster kit, you can also get more clarity from the voice records. 

It even has three different predefined voice presets, taking the hassle of customizing and modifying things out of the equation.

Furthermore, the Vocaster kit has Loopback. It will allow you to stream pre-recorded segments from your PC. This can definitely come in handy if you want to stream pre-recorder intros, interviews, background music, and outros in your show.

Focusrite Vocaster One-Stop Solution for Content Creation and Podcasting
Source: Focusrite

But that’s not all; with every Vocaster kit option, you will get software bundled with it. The software partners for this venture are Squadcast, Hindenburg, and Acast. 

And truth be told, the team has nailed it on the software department. You will be up and running on your podcasting adventure in no time!

Focusrite Vocaster Two — Podcasting Interface for Recording Host and Guest. Two Mic Inputs and Two Headphone Outputs, with Auto Gain, Enhance, and Mute. Small, Lightweight, and Powered by Computer
Focusrite Vocaster Two

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