Sonos x IKEA: The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker

Sonos IKEA The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker

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So, Sonos and IKEA have just collaborated to bring out the best floor lamp you might have ever laid your eyes on. 

Yes, you read that right; Sonos is working with a furniture brand. But the floor lamp is unlike any other one you might have seen in the market. It has the magical touch of Sonos.

What magical touch, you ask? Well, the lamp will not only brighten up your room, but it will also act like a wireless speaker to meet all your music-listening needs. 

Sonos IKEA The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker
Source: IKEA

It is the latest product of the Symfonisk speaker range. And just like the previous collab, the lamp will wireless sync with other speakers from Sonos.

But that is not all; the lamp can also sync up with the other speakers in the Symfonisk lineup. That means you can finally add a lamp to your multi-room audio setup. Sounds weird, right?

At least the lamp will not look weird, as IKEA is known to offer one of the most aesthetic pieces of furniture. The design knowledge of IKEA, combined with Sonos’s audio specialization, can make the lamp a one-of-a-kind product.

Sonos IKEA The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker
Source: IKEA

That said, the Symfonisk lineup itself is a special one. It was born to meet the demands of the minimalists. The range aims to bring out devices for light and sound together that do not take up too much of a living space

That makes the products ideal for rooms that do not have the right amount of space to accommodate a bookshelf speaker.

As the Symfonisk speaker will be raised off the floor, there will be no need to worry about the sound quality. The sound should effectively disperse around the area. 

Sonos IKEA The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker
Source: IKEA

And regarding the build quality, the lamp will sport bamboo construction. But you can personalize it with other lamp shades, which will be sold separately.

Wondering where you can place it in your room? A good placement idea would be to the sides of your sofa. 

In such a position, the Sonos x IKEA lamp will act like a rear speaker for your surround sound setup. But you would want to have one on either side of the sofa if you really want an excellent music-listening experience.

Sonos IKEA The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker
Source: IKEA

Talking of multi-room setup, as mentioned earlier, the device will work flawlessly with other speakers of the Sonos range. That includes the Beam and Ray soundbars

You can also pair it up with the IKEA Home app and make it sync with other smart home devices. And you can also control it through the Sonos app.

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