Meze Audio Empyrean II Makes Its Official Debut

Meze Audio Empyrean II

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The Meze Audio Empyrean II headphones have joined Meze’s beautiful portfolio of high-end headphones. And as the second iteration of the Empyrean lineup, the headset takes things up a notch.

Like the predecessor, the Empyrean II continues to utilize the Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver design. It’s the same driver design that came from the Ukrainian company Rinaro Isodynamics.

But this time, Meze Audio Empyrean II takes the Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver design to the next level.

Meze Audio Empyrean II
Source: Meze Audio

As the brand explained, the main target of the upgrade was to “enhance the headphone’s ability to produce fine details and achieve a more neutral sound signature.”

The Meze Audio Empyrean II aims to meet that target while preserving the authentic “easy to listen” character. Meze Audio has also worked to improve the reliability, accuracy, and responsiveness of the new pair of high-end headphones.

When it comes to the outlook, the Empyrean II is a piece of art. It comes in a matte black colorway that features silver accents. Meze Audio has also incorporated a redesigned grill pattern, which complements the overall aesthetics.

Meze Audio Empyrean II
Source: Meze Audio

Aside from the design, the build quality of the Meze Audio Empyrean II is also top-notch. Meze Audio aims to make sure that these headphones last for years to come. That’s why it has opted for a chassis that’s easy to disassemble and service.

In terms of comfort, the Empyrean II features an ergonomic build structure. This structure adapts to the wearer’s head. Meze Audio has reduced the driver’s weight to enhance comfort even further.

More specifically, the Meze Audio Empyrean II weighs just 385 grams without the earpads. To allow a customized wearing experience, Meze Audio offers two earpads with the Empyrean II sets.

Meze Audio Empyrean II
Source: Meze Audio

Among them, there’s the Duo earpads, which are made of Alcantara and premium leather. This pair of earbuds aims to offer a “harmonious tonal balance that resonates across all music genres.”

In addition, the Duo earpads of the Meze Audio Empyrean II also offer good bass weight and add more spaciousness to the audio output. Basically, you can enjoy a refined sound with it.

The next is the Angled earpads. Unlike the Duo, this pair of earpads targets the “classic audiophile” users. They are made of Alcantara and soft foam with a protective mesh on the grille.

Meze Audio Empyrean II
Source: Meze Audio

But like the Duo earpads, the Angled earpads have a purpose in terms of enhancing the audio experience. It focuses on revealing “intricate details and nuances in  your recordings.”

Moreover, the angled shape of the Angled earpads for Meze Audio Empyrean II is meant to offer more space around the ears. This will eventually enhance the comfort level further.

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