Pro-Ject Drops Three New Products


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Pro-Ject has announced three new products. Among them are step-up transformer products, which are a first from the audio brand.

The first highlight of the new launch is the Tube Box DS3 B. It’s a phono-stage pre-amplifier. With a valve output stage and dual-mono configuration, the Tube Box DS3 B aims to deliver a unique sound signature.

As for those who are concerned regarding electrical loading, this phono stage from Pro-Ject offers plenty of adjustable features. Thanks to this, it’s easy to optimize the results of the Tube Box DS3 B according to your requirements.

Source: Pro-Ject; Tube Box DS3 B

Connectivity-wise, the new phono stage has balanced XLR inputs and outputs. This is the first time the brand is offering such options with a phono stage.

The Pro-Ject Tube Box DS3 B also has the usual RCA connections. According to the brand, this versatile connectivity will result in clearer performance.

More specifically, this configuration will make the phono stage operate with reduced noise and enjoy higher gain.

Source: Pro-Ject; MC Step Up Box S3

Talking of noise, the unit will offer better performance when it’s paired with an external power adapter. It will help to assist in reducing electrical interference.

Another great thing about the Tube Box DS3 B is that it can store the Gain, Capacitance, Gain, and the Subsonic Filter in its memory.

As all the settings are stored in memory, you won’t need to adjust the phono stage when you switch between the balanced XLR and RCA inputs.

Source: Pro-Ject; MC Step Up Box DS3 B

Moving on, Pro-Ject has also unveiled its first-ever step-up transformers. They are the MC Step Up Box S3 and MC Step Up Box DS3 B. Both the units are passive devices.

They are designed to increase the output of the moving-coil cartridges to a level that is pretty much comparable to moving-magnet cartridges.

The use of a transformer for this lets the models enjoy a simpler signal path compared to a conventional active design. Pro-Ject also claims that this improvement in terms of the signal path also enhances the sound.

Source: Pro-Ject; MC Step Up Box DS3 B

In addition, Pro-Ject says that the MC Step Up Box DS3 B is best for turntable connections. It comes with Lundahl LL678 transformers. The unit offers both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs. Moreover, the MC Step Up Box DS3 B features selectable transformer ratio options.

Then, there’s the MC Step Up Box S3. Pro-Ject designed it to be a suitable upgrade for users who want to add moving-coil compatibility to the built-in moving-magnet phono stage of integrated amplifiers.

In terms of specifics, the model utilizes a 1:16 transformer ratio. This configuration should make the unit suitable for a range of pick-ups. It also offers unbalanced RCA outputs and inputs.

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