Monitor Audio Hyphn – Is it the Most Advanced Speaker Ever?

Monitor Audio Hyphn

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Monitor Audio Hyphn follows along in the footsteps of the Concept 50 prototype. Now in case you missed it, Monitor Audio showed off the Concept 50 prototype back in the High-End Munich show, which took place in last year’s May.

With the Hyphn, Monitor Audio brought the concept to life. Yes, the speakers are rather radically looking, but they are here to make a statement. 

As Monitor Audio says, the Hyphn is the “most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful” the company has ever made.

Monitor Audio Hyphn
Source: Monitor Audio

Now, as you might have guessed, the speakers get their name for the architectural use of the ‘hyphen’ term. 

They basically come with a link that connects two larger structures. And you can probably see where Monitor Audio is coming from with the Hyphn.

The Monitor Audio Hyphn idea got represented through the ‘M-Array’ down the middle of the two acrylic and mineral stone pillars of each tower. The company has developed a unique driver configuration for the speakers too.

Monitor Audio Hyphn
Source: Monitor Audio

That speaker configuration comprises one tweeter that’s surrounded by six two-inch midrange drivers

There’s an 11-driver cluster that gets completed by two pairs of force-canceling bass drivers. These bass drivers are eight-inch in size and will excel in offering a distortion-free sound experience.

Moreover, with such a robust speaker configuration, the Monitor Audio Hyphn will not fail to deliver an authentic HiFi experience.

Monitor Audio Hyphn
Source: Monitor Audio

You will feel like being at the center stage of the songs you play on the speakers. Want to know more about the speaker configuration?

The tweeter of the Monitor Audio Hyphn has the 3rd generation of Micro Pleated Diaphragm III design. It is the same tweeter that you will find in the high-end Platinum Series 3G floor standers.

On the other hand, the midrange units come with the RDT II technology cone, which has also debuted with the platinum.

Monitor Audio Hyphn
Source: Monitor Audio

At the core, the cone is made of three bonded layers. It is super light yet super strong, which will make sure that the distortion level is much lower than the previous speakers from Monitor Audio.

The precision-milled cabinets on the Monitor Audio Hyphn are naturally rigid. But Monitor Audio decided to take things to the next level with ribs and branching, further strengthening the cabinets.

Thanks to having walls around the bass drivers, the cabinet achieves an “almost vibration-free” trait. Of course, all these premium features of the speakers come with a cost. 

After all, you will be getting speakers with high-end design and state-of-the-art technologies. So, if you are looking to get them, expect to see a very high-end price tag.

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