Rega Green Grade Planar 1 and Green Grade Planar 1 Plus are Greener Than Ever!

Rega Green Grade Planar 1

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By launching the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 series, Rega took the initiative to offer award-winning turntables that will not put you on a guilt trip. 

But it is not just about going green. Rega’s initiative to go eco-friendly has also managed to make the two of the best record players more affordable than ever before. 

The initiative is pretty simple, Rega receives a lot of damaged parts from its suppliers.  To be exact, Rega has a network of 650 suppliers.

Rega Green Grade Planar 1
Source: rega

And it’s quite normal to get parts that are deemed to be not fit for purpose. But instead of throwing them away, Rega has put all these parts under the Green Grade scheme.

That is, Rega utilized all the rejected parts and put them to use to make the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 series. But will these offer the same award-winning performance that Rega is known for?

Well, all these rejected parts are basically cosmetically damaged. For that reason, the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 series manages to offer the high-end performance as the regulars. 

Rega Green Grade Planar 1
Source: rega

Moreover, it’s not like you will not enjoy the lifetime warranty Rega offers for its products.  The Green Grade products come with that same warranty! So, you have complete peace of mind by grabbing one of the turntables from the lineup.

Rega’s first initiative for the Green Grade scheme revolves around the Planar 1 Eco Deck. It comprises the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 and Green Grade Planar 1 Plus.

As discussed earlier, Rega manufactured these turntables with scratched and marked Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus plinths. Rega has also used the scratched and marked P2 and P3 high gloss acrylic plinths.

Rega Green Grade Planar 1
Source: rega

Moreover, if you have P3 plinths, Rega will offer you a brass-bearing installation without taking any charges. That will make the P3 plinths turn into a P1. 

Rega plans to use other Green Grade components when they become available. That includes the platters and tonearms that have cosmetic faults.

That means the future Green Grade parts for the lineup will not see any performance degradation. You will be able to enjoy an authentic HiFi experience with them.

Rega Green Grade Planar 1
Source: rega

Other than that, the decks of the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 will come with ‘A’ grade Carbon cartridges. 

Along with that, there will be an Eco lid badge, which will showcase the green nature of the turntables. Also, the outer cartons of the turntables will come with the Rega Grade logo.

Finally, to ensure that the Rega Green Grade Planar 1 series offers you an award-winning music-listening experience, Rega will thoroughly test each unit. If they do not pass all the tests, they will not end up being sold.

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