Muzen Audio has Just Made It Easier to Get Creative with Your Holiday Gift Ideas

Muzen Audio

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In case you did not know, Muzen Audio is the purveyor of radio culture and a well-known audio technology innovator. 

And as the Christmas spirit is already in the air, it decided to release a new collection that will make it easier to get more creative with your holiday gift idea.

Want to know how the Christmas collection of Muzen Audio is different? Well, it adds a creative touch to all the products. 

Muzen Audio
Source: Muzen Audio

Take the singing fridge sticker speaker, for example. The speaker is the first of its kind in the audio industry. And it will definitely be a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones.

But that is not all that sets the Muzen Audio Christmas collection different. The On The Road (OTR) Sticker Speaker, which is the successor of the Classic OTR series, continues to offer exquisite retro-styled audio products in the market. 

And it’s not just about style. The quality of the OTR speakers speaks for itself. These speakers are genuinely upholding the free spirit of being On The Road. Interested to know more about the Sticker Speaker? 

Muzen Audio
Source: Muzen Audio

Firstly, Muzen Audio was designed to look like a radio from 1964. But that does not mean that it has the same heft and form factor as a radio of that era. Instead, the design leans toward a small and ultra-thin design.

That said, the small size might make you think that the sound quality of the Sticker Speaker will be subpar. The case is not really like that. 

Thanks to the original technology of Muzen Audio, the speakers are well-capable in offering a pleasant sound.

Muzen Audio
Source: Muzen Audio

They are also available in two different colors. Both of them represent the joy of the Christmas season

In fact, the overall design is so unique and eye-catching that the speakers will easily take your home decor to the next level. And you don’t even have to do much other than setting them in the right place.

Finally, as Muzen Audio wanted the speakers to be a perfect holiday gift idea, it kept the price point pretty affordable. 

Muzen Audio
Source: Muzen Audio

That means you will not even need to spend much to give your loved ones a unique yet highly functional gift. In fact, you can get one for yourself and a couple for others without hurting your wallet one bit.

“We’re excited to introduce our Christmas special edition, the brand new OTR Sticker Speaker, which is a super cute and delicate fridge magnet as well as a palm-size speaker,” as commented by the CEO of Muzen Audio, Mr. Dejun Zeng.

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