NAD Celebrates its 50th Anniversary by Launching the C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier

NAD C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier

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NAD has just turned 50 and to celebrate such a huge milestone, it is releasing a vintage-inspired stereo amplifier, the C 3050 LE. However, it is a pretty limited edition release. 

Only 1972 units, which state the founding year of NAD, will be available for purchase. The C 3050 LE Stereophonic Amplifier is quite a component indeed. 

It covers modern streaming technology with a retro-looking satin walnut veneer wooden chassis. To emphasize the retro-looking side of the unit, it has LED-illuminated left and right VU meters.

NAD C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier
Source: NAD Electronics

But the design is not an arbitrary decision for NAD. In fact, it is based on the 1974 industrial design that the original NAD 3030 had. That component was a 30 watts per-channel Class A/B integrated unit. 

It came four years before the 3020, which gained the best-selling budget amplification status. Nonetheless, the C 3050 LE did not fail to integrate retro looks. 

It excels to naturally bring the design and make it fit well in the 21st century. And most importantly, it comes with a suite of modern streaming features, which is courtesy of modern solutions such as Apple Airplay 2 and the BluOS platform.

In addition to that, you will find Dirac Room correction and two-way aptX HD Bluetooth in the new retro-looking stereo amplifier.

NAD C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier
Source: NAD Electronics

There is an HDMI eARC connection, phono inputs, and line-level connections preset too. The unit also comes with a built-in headphone amplifier. 

All of these are powered through the Hybrid amplifier of NAD. And that amplifier is rated for 100 watts per channel.

So, in short, the looks of the NAD C 3050 LE is not a proper representation of what is on the inside. You can get one of the 1972 limited edition C 3050 LE units from November. 

Each will come with a unique number, which will start with 1 and end in 1972. They will also ship with a certificate of authenticity. Want to be among the first ones to see the limited edition amplifier from NAD? 

NAD C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier
Source: NAD Electronics

You would want to sign up for the Toronto Audio Fest or the Paris Audio Video Show. Visitors can spot the creation on the 4th or 6th of November, depending on the show they are visiting.

However, do not worry if you love what the C 3050 LE is offering but can not get your hands on one of them. A non-anniversary version, which will be simply called the C 3050, is on its way. 

It will be available from next year. However, that version will not come with all the network streaming standards available on the LE.

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2 thoughts on “NAD Celebrates its 50th Anniversary by Launching the C 3050 LE Stereo Amplifier”

  1. Navjot Singh Gill

    Read this article with interest.
    NAD was born in 1972, the same year my Indian made “ENBEE” Stereo 25 Integrated Amplifier was manufactured by legendary Designer/ manufacturer ( Late Mr.Nishi Nakra,old location: Stall 12, Shankar Market, Connaught Circus,New Delhi.)
    The Amplifier is still working after 50years! ( with some minor issues which can be fixed easily)

    1. Quality lasts. We had our NAD stereo for 33 years and while the turntable was tired and the player didn’t like a lot, the amp still powered on. Only let it go to a charity shop recently.

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