Apple AirPods Max Nerfed: What Does it Mean?

Apple AirPods Max Nerfed

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A while back, Apple released the 4E71 update. And ever since the update, users have been reporting that the headphones’ ANC performance has degraded. 

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Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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And in fact, if you were driving the AirPods Max daily and heavily relying on the ANC feature, you might have noticed something was off.

You should note that the update came in May and was not only for the AirPods Max. Instead, the update was for AirPods and AirPods Pro series as well. 

Apple AirPods Max Nerfed
Source: Apple

However, unlike some of the other firmware updates, this one did not bring any new features. It was more focused on tweaking the devices.

But instead of getting a proper tweak, the firmware seems to have degraded the overall performance of the AirPods Max

After seeing so many reports from the users, took matters into its own hands and retested the AirPods Max with the 4E71 update.

From the test, the team of found that the user reports were indeed true. The firmware did nerf the ANC of AirPods Max. According to the report, the effectiveness of the ANC for the AirPods Max took a big hit.

Apple AirPods Max Nerfed
Source: Apple

The report stated, “The Apple AirPods Max’s noise isolation performance is great. However, after updating the headphones to firmware 4E71, their active noise canceling (ANC) system blocks out a bit less noise between the mid-bass to high-bass range than the previous firmware.”

In other words, if you now take your AirPods Max with you during flights, you will be able to hear more of the engine. Now, that is not a piece of good news at all. 

But the thing is, you could not have anything to stop the headphones from getting updated. The Apple AirPods update to new firmware automatically. 

The update happens in the background, and there is no official way to block your AirPods from getting updated. Now, the real question is, why did Apple nerf the performance of the AirPods Max? 

Apple AirPods Max Nerfed
Source: Apple

The story could be similar to what happened to Sonos Arc and Sub recently. The brand rolled a firmware that mistakenly lowered the performance of the speakers.

However, in the case of Sonos, the team rolled out another update to fix the problems that the previous update introduced. And the new firmware did not take that much time to come out either.

Could the story be the same for Apple AirPods Max? Or is Apple trying to make its upcoming AirPods Max 2nd Generation look better by sneakily lowering the performance? Only official announcements from Apple can answer these questions.

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Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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