New Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier Unveiled

Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier

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Goldmund, a renowned Swiss high-end audio manufacturer, has just unveiled a brand-new flagship amplifier, the Goldmund Telos 8800. 

For those who don’t know who Goldmund is, the brand has a legacy that dates back to 1978. And ever since the Swiss brand has been in the market, it has been pushing the boundaries of audio quality. 

Almost all the products in the brand’s lineup redefine audio and give you a world-class experience. The case is pretty much the same for the Telos 8800 amplifier.

Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier
Source: Goldmund

As a matter of fact, the Goldmund Telos 8800 is one of the most robust Class AB amplifiers available in the market. It also comes with high-end audio components to make sure that the amplifier meets all the needs of audiophiles.

When it comes to specifics, one of the main highlights of the Telos 8800 is that it boasts an impressive 14000Wrms of power output

And the harmonic distortion of the amplifier is merely at 1% at 8 ohms. With such a set of specs, the amplifier can ensure sonic precision and enhanced clarity that’ll be out of this world.

Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier
Source: Goldmund

The internal architecture of the Goldmund Telos 8800 also sets it apart. It comprises four distinct electronic boards. Goldmund has engineered each of them to level up the stability of the amplifier. But that’s not all!

Underneath the sleek and understated monochrome exterior, the Goldmund Telos 8800 features many innovative components designed to elevate audio performance. Another highlight of the Goldmund Telos 8800 is that it incorporates advanced MKP silver-metalized film cap capacitors. 

Thanks to this, the amplifier can deliver consistent and stable power. Even the most demanding loads that are as low as 1 Ohm should offer clean audio performance with this amplifier.

Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier
Source: Goldmund

Of course, with this many high-end components, heat dissipation is an issue that Goldmund had to worry about. To address the problem, the Goldmund Telos 8800 equips heat sinks on the sides.

According to Goldmund, this innovative design improves electrical conductivity. As a result, the overall system gets higher stability. And let’s not forget to mention that such a design also enhances the lifespan of the internal components.

Golmund believes its effort and commitment to excellence with the Telos 8800 will be further evident with the exterior details. The amplifier has all-gold metal terminals and screws.

Goldmund Telos 8800 Amplifier
Source: Goldmund

This attention to detail is not just for the exterior looks. It also minimizes potential signal losses and optimizes signal transmission. Safety and protection mechanisms were a priority for the Goldmund Telos 8800.

As it comes with a fully analog circuit, the system gets maximized thermal security and protection from short circuits. 

When such events are detected, the amplifier swiftly shuts down, protecting the internal components and the connected speakers.

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