You Will Love the Brand-New Marshall Studio JTM Range!

Marshall Studio JTM

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Marshall has just unveiled a brand-new amp range, the Marshall Studio JTM series. And at first glance, it might not appear to be a brand-new range to you. 

After all, Marshall is still going strong with the retro design, something that made the recently launched Emberton 2 pretty popular. 

To be exact, for the aesthetics of the new Studio JTM, Marshall has taken inspiration from the first-ever model that it made.

Marshall Studio JTM
Source: Marshall; ST112

Marshall made it in the original shop in Hanwell, London. With this release, Marshall is basically celebrating the legacy of Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall.

But don’t let the old and retro looks fool you. Under the hood, the Marshall Studio JTM comes with some of the latest and most remarkable technologies.

And that’s pretty much expected, as the Marshall amps are the go-to option for the world’s most revered artists, which includes Jimi Hendrix.

Marshall Studio JTM
Source: Marshall; ST20C

When it comes to specifics, the Marshall Studio JTM features four unique products. That includes a 20W head, 1 x 12-inch and 2x 12-inch cabinets, and one 20W combo amp.

All have the same aesthetics, representing a perfect combo for anyone who’s into playing guitars and needs a robust guitar amp setup. Looking back, the original Marshall JTM45 was heavily praised by famous artists. 

Richie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Angus Young, and many others liked it for delivering more tone, grit, and gain to their mixes.

Marshall Studio JTM
Source: Marshall; ST212

Jim Marshall’s son and the creator of the original JTM 45, Terry Marshall, said, “When I was demonstrating the Studio JTM, and it took me back to my original JTM45, it was my sound… I feel like it is going to be something special.”

But of course, the new Marshall Studio JTM range is not completely the same as the first model. In comparison, the new design of the series is considerably smaller than the original model.

This is likely to make the new range more space-friendly. But Marshall has assured that the scale down of the size has nothing to do with the performance.

Marshall Studio JTM
Source: Marshall; ST20H

The new range will offer the signature Marshall sound that people know and love. So, if you want a new amp setup that will turn heads regarding sound and aesthetics, the Marshall Studio JTM should be on your list.

But you’ll need to wait a bit to get your hands on it. Marshall is yet to announce the availability and pricing information of the Marshall Studio JTM. But as the official showcasing is done, all the other information regarding the series should soon surface.

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