New IKEA Motion Sensors Can Amp Up Your Home Security Game

IKEA Motion Sensors

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IKEA motion sensors for home security platforms might be on their way. At least, that’s what two of the recently discovered Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings are indicating.

There’s not a lot of information available regarding the sensors. All that the filings show is that IKEA is developing contact and motion sensors for smart homes. 

In addition to that, some minor details help to paint the whole picture. One of the new IKEA motion sensors will be the Parasolll Open/Close Sensor. 

IKEA Motion Sensors
Source: IKEA

It will consist of a large main unit that will run on a single AAA battery. It will likely to have a magnetic key fob for detecting motion.

In case you didn’t know, contact sensors are generally placed on doors and windows. Homeowners set them up to get alerts when one is left open. 

These sensors are flexible enough to work in different places in the home. For example, you can even set them up in a mailbox or a garage door.

IKEA Motion Sensors
Source: IKEA

You should note that Parasoll will run on the Zigbee communications protocol. Zigbee can broadcast data up to 100 meters indoors without needing much electricity. However, compared to regular WiFi connections, it is relatively slower.

That’s not what the new IKEA motion sensors are all about. There’s a second device, which is called Vallhorn Motion Sensor. 

There’s only a minimal amount of info available for the second device. The FCC filing showed that it would measure around 70.45 x 70.46 mm (W X L). That’s about 2.77 inches on both sides.

IKEA Motion Sensors
Source: IKEA

There’s no mention of whether the Vallhorn will be powered through a AAA battery. But because IKEA smart home devices run on the same power source, it’s safe to assume that you will need AAA batteries to power the Vallhorn.

That said, the fillings did not mention anything about the Zigbee protocol. However, because IKEA is developing the Vallhorn alongside the Parasoll, it will likely have support for the standard.

Moreover, the fillings mention that users would need to purchase the IKEA DIRIGERA hub to use either of the new IKEA motion sensors. The testing document of Vallhorn mentions the DIRIGERA.

IKEA Motion Sensors
Source: IKEA

The interesting thing about DIRIGERA is that it is compatible with Apple, Google, and Amazon smart home ecosystems

That means the new IKEA motion sensors could work with Apple HomeKit and Google Home environments. But IKEA can change things up as the products are in the initial testing phase.

So, we will need to wait for IKEA’s confirmation before coming to a conclusion. And hopefully, IKEA will offer official announcements regarding the motion sensors soon.

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