New Samsung Q-Series Soundbars: Bring Immersive Experience to Your Setup!

Samsung Q-Series Soundbars

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The Samsung Q-Series soundbars might be your answer if you want a sound system that does not clutter your living space. But what about the sound? 

The 2023 range of soundbars has the most advanced features you can find in soundbars. In fact, the wide array of high-end features of the 2023 series will set right into the heart of the action. 

And things get even better when you pair them up with a Samsung TV. You get exclusive features that deliver the most realistic 3D cinematic surround sound experience.

Samsung Q-Series Soundbars
Source: Samsung

Specifically, the system’s sound mechanism changes when you pair the new Samsung soundbars Q-Series to a Samsung 2022 or 2023 range of TVs

Typically, the TV’s sound shuts off when you pair it up with an external sound system. In the case of these soundbars, the Samsung TV will continue to provide sound.

As the sound will come from two different devices, you will get a better immersive experience when watching movies and shows. 

Samsung Q-Series Soundbars
Source: Samsung; Q-Series Soundbars

Basically, a feature called Q-Symphony will activate when you use the 2023 Samsung Q-Series soundbars with compatible Samsung TVs.

Q-Symphony makes the Q-Series soundbars work with the sound of the TV’s built-in speakers in perfect harmony. You will get more sonic oomph without needing to add a complicated setup to your home theater system.

In the new Samsung Q-Series soundbars, there’s the Q990C that comes with an 8-inch dedicated subwoofer. This woofer can fill your room with detailed bass. 

Samsung Q-Series Soundbars
Source: Samsung

The subwoofer also boasts Acoustic Lens technology. This tech amplifies the bass level and delivers robust and higher-intensity audio.

The soundbar outputs in an 11.1.4 channel, making you feel like being at the center of a movie theater. Besides that, many other audio technologies are available in the new Samsung Q-Series soundbars. 

Among them, Dolby Atmos is one of the critical features that maximize the sound of the Samsung TV and the soundbar. Want something compact? 

Samsung Q-Series Soundbars
Source: Samsung; Q-Series Soundbars

The Samsung Q-Series soundbars have Q800C. And even though it is small in size, its sound performance will amaze you. It comes with a total of 11 speakers, which offer up-firing and side-firing sounds. As it has a 5.1.2 channel, you can expect to get a stellar immersive on it.

Finally, the size of your room will not affect the performance of the Samsung Q-Series soundbars. The models come with SpaceFit Sound Pro technology. This technology ensures the speakers have the correct calibration for your room. And it does all the tweaks automatically.

In short, the new soundbars from Samsung are packed with features. So, if you want to upgrade your sound experience, you need to look into the lineup. 

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