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Toilet night lights are the new craze, especially the motion-activated LED ones. Here are the best for 2020.

Best Night Light for Toilet

Need a night light for the toilet? You get up in the night for a tinkle. You have to turn the light on and then BOOM!…you’re awake and it’s so hard to get back to sleep!

Super annoying, right!?

Night Light in Toilet with bright, colorful lighting examples.
Fancy a toilet night light like this? If not, there are options.

Or maybe you have kids and need something to help them see in the night when they go to the bathroom to avoid any accidents.

Recently there has been a lot of hype around the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light but reviews are a little hit and miss. So what other options are out there? What about options that fit your smart home?

I didn’t imagine I’d ever be writing about a product like a ‘night light for toilets’ (or bathroom) but, it’s actually quite fascinating and incredibly useful.

Our quest to find a night light for our own bathroom led us on this journey. A toilet night light is one of those products that makes so much sense when you have the revelation; You walk into the toilet and a soft light greets you, no need for a bright overhead light to be awoken by. Perfect!

These things don’t really get smart, but you can have a smart toilet night light option which I’ll include as #4 below.

So, here are our choice options if you are looking for a night light for your toilet. We’ll look at the bright, the colourful, the smart, the clean and the cheap options.

1: IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light
IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light was featured on Shark Tank which has helped it’s rise to fame. However, it’s received a real mix of reviews. It does offer a motion detection feature which means it only turns on as you approach. It also fits most all toilets (universal fit).

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One obvious feature that really makes this a good option is the affordable price.

Another big stand out for the IllumiBowl is the LED multi-colour options. Want to go to the bathroom at night to a racy red glow? What about a calming blue hue? Perky Pink picture? You get to choose.

IllumiBowl Features & Benefits

  • LED Lighting (also means low energy consumption)
  • Battery-powered
  • Motion-activated
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Splash-proof, which seems quite important for a product like this.
  • Adjustable arm for placement
  • Multi-colored lights if you think that would be good? The idea being you can pick a nice colour. Personally, I think the only colour that is soothing at 3 am is a dim warm white/orange colour.

2: Ailun Motion Activated LED Toilet Light

Picture of 2 ailun toilet lights
Ailun LED Toilet Light. 2 units make this a great choice for a night light in your toilet.

The Ailun toilet light offers a much stronger choice if you are interested in the colorful night LED toilet light option. One that lights the bowl of the toilet and not the whole bathroom as the eufy night light discussed next.

For a start, it’s very affordable but for this price, you get 2 led toilet lights, not one. This is ideal as most people have an ensuite and the main bathroom that needs a toilet night light.

The Ailun toilet night light also has motion detection so it won’t light up until it sees you coming. It also stays lit for 2 minutes which is a more suitable time to do your business and get the heck back to bed.

There are 8 fixed colored light options with the Ailun. You can choose a fixed light color or have it cycle through the colors…which might give you stage fright at 2.30 am.

It’s super water-resistant, which you want if you’re attaching it to the side of the toilet and there is the chance of a little splashing when you flush.

Ailun Toilet Light Features

  • LED Light – low energy consumption
  • 8 color options
  • 2 minute on time from the time it wakes from motion
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Easy clean

3: eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light

Picture of a 3 pack of eufy Lumi Night Lights
eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light – Great value as a 3 Pack.

So the eufy Limu night light isn’t specifically a night light for your toilet. But it goes well with my above comment, that I think the best light at 3 am in the morning when you need to pee is a low, warm light. Enough to see where you are ‘going’ but not so bright that it wakes you up.

As the owner of a few LIFX Smart Bulbs I can say with experience that colored lights at night are a bit much if you can’t have full control over both color AND brightness.

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The Lumi night light is also a perfect pee partner (that was great alliteration, right?) because you can put it on the wall near the bathroom without it being exposed to the watery perils of being attached to the toilet itself.

It’s still a very affordable option and you get 3 nightlights for the price. That makes them a very good value bundle, especially if you have more than one toilet you need a night light for.

Image showing eufy Lumi on walls, halls and in bathroom
A nice glow to the toilet, don’t you think?

eufy Lumi Features & Benefits

  • Stick or screw-on wall (eufy recommend not moving it once you place it, but you can)
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries – provides power for 1 unit up to 1 year
  • Motion sensor + Light Sensor (dusk til dawn) – this means it will only work once it’s dark AND it will then turn on and off based on motion.
  • LED Light – only 1 brightness (2 levels of brightness on the eufy Lumi 2nd generation – see here).
  • 3 pack – value for money
  • Put it anywhere in the house – hallway, stairs, toilet etc

4: Smart Home Toilet Night Light

LIFX bulb shown as an example of a smart toilet light
A LIFX or Philips Hue bulb makes an excellent smart bathroom night light.

This smart toilet option is possible with a smart bulb and smart home automation hub. Smart bulbs like the LIFX or Hue bulb with an add-on hue motion sensor or abode motion detector. For our house, we have the abode security system which allows us to use motion sensors to turn lights on. IFTTT will also offer options with the LIFX, Hue and similar.

Side note: You could also use this example as a smart home floor light option for around your bed in the middle of the night.

Here is a smart toilet night light example:

  • Motion sensor placed in bathroom detects motion
  • Tells abode or Philips Hue bridge to turn on an LED light or lamp in the bathroom (or main toilet light if it’s already smart.
  • Also tells the hub to set color to warm white and brightness to 20%.

That would be enough to be able to go to the bathroom at night.

One great feature of a smart home toilet light option is that you can set it to only happen if something else is true.

This smart routine could look something like this:

  • If motion is detected in the bathroom turn on toilet smart bulb and set color to warm white and brightness to 20% but only if it’s between 10pm and 6am.

If you have HA Home Assistant or OpenHAB you could go a step further and say the above and add in ‘and only IF Frank is detected as being home’. This might be used specifically for Frank because Mary might not want it happening if it’s just her in the house.

Fringe example, but it’s a possible scenario.

Benefits of a Smart Home Toilet Night Light

  • Control of colour (up to 16 million colour options)
  • Control of brightness
  • You can be smarter and include restrictions like, only do this between these hours.
  • Change how long you have the light stay on for after it’s triggered
  • Can have the motion sensor in a different place to the light. e.g. Have the sensor at the door to the bathroom so when you go into the bathroom it’s already lit up. Might even help you find the door.

A negative to this is that it’s a really expensive option compared to a cheap PIR motion detection toilet light that would last a year.

Let me know which one you like or own in the comments below.

eufy Toilet Night Light
eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light
Toilet Glow Light
Motion Sensor
Battery Powered
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