Nova H1 Audio Earring to Unleash the Beauty of Sound

Nova H1 Audio Earring

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CES 2023 has been great and we have seen tons of innovative products and great concepts. On the note of concepts, there is one that you should know about. It is the Nova H1 audio earrings.

This audio solution is unlike any other True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Buds that are on the market. Nova designed it to look and be worn like clip-on earrings. 

But as you can tell, they are more than just a pair of earrings. Like bone conduction headphones, the Nova H1 earrings wrap around your neck, ears, or back. In other words, you don’t need to insert them into your ear canals. So, how do they fit?

Nova H1 Audio Earring
Source: Nova Audio

They are designed to provide you with sound without physically blocking your ears. And as they double as a piece of jewelry, you can look sleek while jamming to your favorite track.

The Nova H1 works with direction sound, which comes from the pearl. And the good part about the pear is that it comes in various color options. So, you will be free to choose the one that goes with your style the most.

Nonetheless, the directional sound technology that the audio solution comes with ensures that only you are the one that hears the sound. 

Nova H1 Audio Earring
Source: Nova Audio

That means you will not need to worry about distracting others while you are vibing to your favorite tracks.

Furthermore, as the buds do not go in your ears, you can still get full situational awareness when wearing them. And as these let you hear the ambient noises, it goes without saying that there is no noise cancellation.

Each earring bud of the Nova H1 weighs around 7 grams. This weight is pretty much the same as a standard clip-on earring. 

Nova H1 Audio Earring
Source: Nova Audio

And even so, Nova managed to integrate a good-capacity battery inside. So you can listen to music for a prolonged time without the need to take the earrings out to charge.

Now, regarding how secure they fit, it is a mixed bag. As far as initial tests, the Nova H1 earrings can be easily pulled off. 

That means the earrings can fall off when you put on a shirt, for example. However, you can’t forget that it is still a concept and has loads of work ahead.

Nova H1 Audio Earring
Source: Nova Audio

Regarding the sound, the earrings are currently on the quieter side. You might not be able to hear the depth or details of the music too much. 

But the sound definitely gets better when you are in a quieter setting. Still, the earrings are an excellent concept for Bluetooth earphones that users can wear all day and every day.

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