All New Drop BMR1 Customizable Wireless Speakers

Drop BMR1 Customizable Wireless Speakers

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Drop is here with new wireless speakers. But as the pair is from Drop, it goes without saying that it will be unlike any other regular wireless speaker on the market. 

Well, the Drop BMR1 is highly innovative and is here to change your perspective on wireless desktop speakers. 

The BMR1 Nearfield Monitors’ main selling point is that it is customizable. You can position it in both horizontal and vertical positions. 

Drop BMR1 Customizable Wireless Speakers
Source: Drop

That provides you complete freedom when setting these speakers up on your setup. On that note, because you can change the orientation of the speakers, Drop is basically offering you to tune the pair for your particular setup. 

For example, the horizontal placement will let you get the most audio if you have a large area in your setup. On the other hand, for small and a bit cramped setups, the vertical will make the most sense.

But the customizable feature is one of many things that Drop BMR1 has going for. It features a signature “holographic” sound quality. 

And Drop claims that the soundstage is natural and has excellent imaging capabilities. This trait makes the wireless speakers a perfect pick for audiophiles.

Inside the BMR1, you have balanced mode radiators. Yes, that is where the BMR in the naming comes from. Nonetheless, the radiators are coupled with force-canceling passive radiators

Drop BMR1 Customizable Wireless Speakers
Source: Drop

And according to Drop, this setup allows users to get full details in the highest volume. In other words, it reduces distortion and enables wide dispersion.

Want to get a complete setup with the Drop BMR1? You can hook the wireless speakers with a subwoofer! That will enable you to add low-end sound to the audio. 

And as it comes with Bluetooth, aux-in, and headphone-out ports, you have a vast connectivity possibility. It comes with more connectivity options than most desktop speakers out there.

That said, if you look at the customizable magnetic grills on the Drop BMR1, it might look a little familiar. Drop apparently took inspiration for it from the mechanical keyboard community. 

Drop BMR1 Customizable Wireless Speakers
Source: Drop

And if you are a member of that group, you might have already got a sneak peek of the wireless speakers. Want a setup with these customizable wireless speakers? 

The Drop BMR1 is now available for pre-order. Drop says that the shipment will likely arrive in late February or March. So, you really do not have to do much waiting. 

And considering the speakers’ innovation, the purchase will be well worth it. Talking of which, the speakers do not even have a high-end price tag!

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