Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2 Could Be the New Battery Life King


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The Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z was a huge success for the company. It was a go-to pick for people that did not like the concept of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds but wanted something wireless with a small amount of wire. It also came in the budget price segment and provided excellent overall sound quality, which again translates why it was so popular.

However, the next iteration could very well take a new crown. Oneplus will reportedly launch the 2nd iteration of the Bullets Wireless Z later this month. And it is shooting for the fast charging and battery endurance crown. 

The concept is the same for the Bullets Wireless Z2. It is still a neckband TWS with a budget-friendly price tag. What is not the same, however, is the charging capabilities. The new Z2 can purportedly deliver up to 20 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charging.


In comparison, the Bullets Wireless Z could only offer 10 hours of playback with 10 minutes of charging. And let’s not forget that its maximum battery life was 20 hours, and it took more than just 10 minutes to offer that amount of playtime. So, the charging capabilities relate to the name; it is double that of the first Bullets Wireless Z.

But that is not the only department where it will see upgrades. Its total playback time will also be more than the Bullets Z. The new earphones will provide up to 30 hours of run time with a full charge. That is 10 hours more than the original Bullets Z.

The neckband will utilize 12.4 mm drivers in terms of the sound department. These dynamic drivers have a high potential of providing high-quality sound to your ears. To be exact, the Wireless Bullets Z offered a stellar sound quality for the money. And because it is a second iteration of the series, sound quality is bound to see an upgrade.


Furthermore, the disclosed details gave the Oneplus fans more information about the neckband. The new Bullets Wireless Z2 will come with Bluetooth 5.0. As it is the latest Bluetooth technology, connection drops should be an issue. And the new Bluetooth chip should ensure a fast pairing process.

Finally, there is an excellent waterproof rating. The new neckband is said to have an official IP rating of IP55. Even though the rating is in line with the previous earphone, the rating is not bad at all. The rating would translate to handling water splashes, sweat, and droplets without showing any issues.

Images: OnePlus Website

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