How to Check Airpod Battery Levels on Android Phones: 4 Best Ways[Tips]

How to Check Airpod Battery Levels on Android Phones 4 Best WaysTips 3

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Airpods work with every smartphone. That includes Android OS and iOS. Even though you will not face any issues while connecting the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds, you will not be capable of enjoying some convenient features. Such as, you can not check Airpod battery levels directly on Android phones.

Though, it does not mean that you will be limited to not seeing the battery status entirely. There are other ways! But among all of the alternatives, there is one that works like a charm. And that is what you will get to learn through this guide!

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How To Check Airpod Battery Levels On Android Devices

How to Check Airpod Battery Levels on Android Phones: 4 Best Ways[Tips]

Did you know that the way of checking the Airpod battery levels was hiding in the Playstore all along? Yes! The “Airpod battery app” and “AirBattery” apps are specifically for this purpose. There are other options as well, but these two work the best.

Nonetheless, if you want to get the most out of these apps, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Pair the Airpods

First of all, you should pair the Airpods with your phone. However, do not keep the TWS connected to your phone right now. Instead, after the pairing process, get them back to the charging case.

Step 2: Install battery checker application

As mentioned, there are loads of battery-checking apps in the Google Play Store. However, “AirBattery” or “Airpod battery app” works better than most available apps. Search for any of these two and install it on your phone.

After you open any of the apps above, they will ask you to grant permission. Click allow for any of the prompts that come up. The app requires these permissions to gain data from the TWS and show them on your phone. 

Step 3: Configure the app

Now, you need to configure the app. For the “AirBattery,” choose the model of your Airpods, and then the app will ask you to connect the Airpods to your phone. That is when you will need to open the Airpods case.

Step 4: Check the battery status

After you connect the Airpods to your phone, you should be capable of seeing the battery status on the pop-up card. If, for some reason, the battery percentage does not come up, close the lid of the charging case. Keep it closed for a while.

When your phone disconnects, open the lid again and let your phone reconnect. You should be capable of seeing the battery percentage after that.


It is really not hard to check Airpod battery levels on Androids. You Just need to install the apps mentioned above and configure them correctly. And that should allow you to monitor the Airpods battery percentage on your phone constantly.

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