Piega Ace Wireless Series: Piega Collabs with Swiss Designer Stephan Hürlemann

Piega Ace Wireless Series: Piega Collabs with Swiss Designer Stephan Hürlemann

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You might be a bit familiar with WiSA. If you are not, it stands for Wireless Speaker and Audio Association. The association fosters high-quality audio connections between consumer electronics and performance speakers. By doing so, they make it easier to enjoy high-quality audio without having to worry about wires hanging around in your rooms.

That said, when a sound system gets certified by WiSA, audio enthusiasts do not take it like swiss cheese. Instead, they take the release pretty seriously. And the same thing happened when a Swiss Hi-Fi brand came out with their wireless series of loudspeakers. The lineup from PIEGA promises to offer wireless sound from barebones stereo to amped-up 7.1 configurations. But that is not all!

Piega Ace Wireless Series
Ace Wireless series brings outstanding sound quality in home

The active models of the lineup are pretty compact. And the lineup went full-in when it came to the design. Designed by a professional Swiss architect, Stephen Hurlemann, the Ace lineup features an industrial design that is fully fleshed out with extruded aluminum cabinets. The minimalistic vibe they provide is actually something that audio enthusiasts look for in speakers.

Under the beautiful shells, there are upgraded bass and mid-MDS drivers, a revised version of the original PIEGA AMT (Air Motion Transformer) Tweeter, a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system that is capable of handling high-res audio and providing up to 24 bit/192 kHz, and finally, digital amplification.

On that note, the digital amp can provide up to 200 watts per channel. For the small form factor of the models in the lineup, 200 watts is pretty impressive.

The lineup consists of the Ace 50 Wireless floor standers, Ace Centre Wireless center channel, and Ace 30 Wireless bookshelf speakers. Both Ace 30 and Ace 50 Wireless are available in RX (receiver) and TX (transmission) versions. And, the TX sends music with lossless hi-res quality to RX receivers.

In terms of multichannel setups, all of the systems of the PIEGA Ace lineup utilize all RX-designated units. Those are there to receive the surround sound signals for each of the channels from a WiSA-certified source. The systems will even work on a WiSA enabled display or a TV.

Besides the audio systems, PIEGA has released accessories for the entire lineup. You will find a stand and Ball Joint Wall Bracket for the Ace 30 wireless. Furthermore, a wall bracket and center stand are available for the Ace Center Wireless. You will even find multiple color options available for the wall bracket. Others will come in a single color. Thanks to these first-party accessories, setting up the system will indeed become a breeze.

Overall, both the design and performance will make this new range of speakers from PIEGA fit into modern home environments without any issues at all.

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