Finding it Hard to Hear the TV? Here’s a Few Solutions

Hard to Hear the TV Solutions

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Nowadays almost everyone uses a Flat-screen TV. The problem with flat-screen TVs is, many people complain that they are having a hard time hearing the dialogue.

This can be true in the sense that Flatscreen TVs are so thin, there’s very little room for the speakers to fit in. Which ultimately can also result in sounding thin.

Or it can be a sign of your hearing loss. But wait, before blaming the TV or yourself let’s have a look if we can sort out the issue. 

1: Change your TV’s sound settings

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Altering TVs sound setting using remote

Most of the TVs have settings that can be altered to improve their audio. To do that follow the steps: 

  1. Go to the TV’s settings menu using the remote> look for a section called Audio, Sound, or something similar to it.
  2. There should be a selection of presets such as Movie, User or Standard. 
  3. Play with the modes while watching a speech-heavy show or movie, to see which ones sound best. 

2: Change your Soundbar or Speaker Settings

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Changing sound system setting

External speakers sound much better than what comes as built into your TV. Changing the speaker setting may drastically improve the quality of sound. 

  1. Your speakers shouldn’t be too close to the wall or stuffed inside a cabinet. 
  2. If you have a soundbar, try to change the setting of the soundbar to a speech-enhancing mode, Movie, or Standard like the TV.
  3. If your system has a subwoofer, it shouldn’t be too loud compared to the rest of the system. 
  4. If you have a separate bass or sub-control, turning it down may also enhance the quality of the sound. 
  5. If you have tower or bookshelf speakers, moving them away from the walls and corners may also improve the sound quality. Point them towards the middle where you sit. 

3: Replace Your Speakers

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Floorstanding speakers or soundbars is a good choice

If the previous solutions aren’t working for you then maybe it’s time for you to invest in some new equipment. Nowadays excellent soundbars are available at an affordable price, and almost anything will sound better than a TV speaker. Need suggestions? Checkout: Best HiFi system under $100 – Music for Small Spaces or Budgets

4: Bring the Sound to You

Sometimes it’s not the TV or the speaker to be blamed.

Maybe the surrounding noise causing the problem or maybe turning the volume up makes the people around you uncomfortable. In that case, bring the sound to you.

Hook up a pair of wireless headphones.

Many new TVs are equipped with Bluetooth, so you can pair up any headphones you’d like. 

If you are thinking of buying quality headphones, here are some suggestions for you. Checkout Best HiFi Wireless Headphones – Top Picks This Year

Hope it helps – ask any questions in the comments below.

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