Pro-Ject T2 W takes Turntables to the Next Level

Pro-Ject T2 W

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Turntables have had wireless connectivity for a good while now, but Pro-Ject T2 W is here to take wireless connectivity in turntables to the next level. 

Wondering how Pro-Ject executed the wireless connectivity for its T2 W? Well, instead of just relying on the traditional method, the T2 W comes with WiFi. 

The conventional wireless connectivity method for turntables has been Bluetooth so far. With this, the Pro-Ject T2 W has positioned itself as a step-up model for basically all the available turntables in the market. 

Pro-Ject T2 W
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

And, of course, it’s a proper upgrade to the predecessor, the T1, which doesn’t come with any WiFi. Regarding how the successor compares, the Pro-Ject T2 W has a larger form factor than the T1. 

Beneath the exterior, you’ll find everything needed to transmit the vinyl wirelessly. But what’s really interesting is that the new model allows you to stream your favorite records to multiple devices.

That means you can hook the Pro-Ject T2 W with a home theater receiver, speaker system, and compatible music streamer simultaneously. 

Pro-Ject T2 W
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

What’s more important is that the quality remains lossless even when the turntable is connected to multiple devices. When it comes to the streaming tech of the Pro-Ject T2 W, it utilizes the latest WLAN standards.

They are combined with the 2 x 2 MIMO tech, which offers “faster transmission speeds” and “greater stability.” Pro-Ject has integrated a multi-core CPU for this wireless streaming task to enhance reliability.

But if you still don’t trust the capabilities of wireless streaming, you can get the Pro-Ject T2 W connected to your network. There’s an ethernet port available in the turntable just for that.

Pro-Ject T2 W
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

In addition, the turntable comes with advanced UPnP streaming technology. Thanks to that, the deck can send audio signals of up to 24-bit/48KHz resolution. 

Also, the T2 W is multi-room capable, which means you can stream to multiple products set in different rooms. And Pro-Ject claims that the multi-room streaming feature can deliver audio without any degradation in the quality.

For controls, you can use the Pro-Ject control app. This app will make it easier for you to control different parameters of the Pro-Ject T2 W. 

Pro-Ject T2 W
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

Other highlights of the turntable include a 9-inch tonearm, the latest model with a one-piece aluminum tube. The tonearm is pre-fitted, so you can start playing records out of the box.

Additionally, the turntable has a Sumiko Rainer MM cartridge loaded in the box. There’s a high-performance belt drive system, which comes with a precision-speed AC motor. 

It’s attached to a T-Line sub-platter from Pro-Ject, which can provide “an ideal playback surface for vinyl records.”

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