Tidal HiFi Plus: New Hi-Res Lossless Audio Format is Coming for the Subscribers

Tidal HiFi Plus Hi-Res Lossless

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If you are a Tidal HiFi Plus subscriber, you might have already been jamming Hi-Res audio files for quite a while now. 

Unlike Spotify, Tidal is now the go-to option for audiophiles who want to enjoy HiFi music. On the other hand, Spotify has yet to give out official information about its Hi-Res tier. 

While Spotify is working on its HiFi tier, Tidal is preparing to launch a big upgrade to its HiFi music solution.

Tidal HiFi Plus Hi-Res Lossless
Source: Tidal

In April this year, Tidal announced that it would expand its support for the lossless FLAC format. Currently, there are more than 100 million tracks in CD quality FLAC

But for this upcoming plan, the platform will not just only add more tracks for the Tidal HiFi Plus subscribers.

Instead, according to Jesse Dorogusker, the streaming platform wants to take things to the next step. That is, a higher 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res audio solution is coming to the Tidal HiFi Plus users.

Tidal HiFi Plus Hi-Res Lossless
Source: Tidal

Well, it seems like Tidal is ready to roll the update out. On June 29, Dorogusker confirmed on Reddit that 6 million Hi-Res FLAC tracks are now available in the iOS app. 

Tidal Early Access Program members can already tune in to all those HiFi tracks. But from August, all of those Hi-Res tracks will be available to all the Tidal HiFi Plus subscribers. As you know, the firm that owns MQA is currently in administration. 

That makes the future of this format very uncertain. As a result, Tidal has moved to Hi-Res FLAC, which is the current alternative to Hi-Res MQA tracks.

3 Tidal HiFi Plus Hi Res Lossless
Source: Tidal

So, if you want to enjoy music streaming at its finest, consider Tidal HiFi Plus. In short, the format brings the best out of your favorite tracks.

With a good HiFi headphone or HiFi audio setup, you can enjoy every little detail that producers and composers put into the tracks. Of course, you need the right Hi-Res audio files for that.

At the moment, music streaming platforms offer three different quality levels. First is lossy, where the files are compressed for more convenience. 

Tidal HiFi Plus Hi-Res Lossless
Source: Tidal

Secondly, there’s lossless CD quality, which you can find in Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple, and the current offering of Tidal.

And with the Tidal HiFi Plus in the future, you will have access to the third type, which is lossless at a higher than CD quality. 

This quality will reveal the details you might not have listened to in songs you have heard a million times before. So, it is definitely something to look forward to.

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