Reference Speakers from Klipsch: Budget-Friendly, Reliable, Dynamic Experience of Home Cinema


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Without mind-blowing audio that takes you to a new destination, a true movie-watching experience is incomplete. Whether you’re in the heart of a battleground with gunfire whizzing by or the ominous whispering of a haunted house, every detail must be heard loud and clear. Klipsch speakers deliver ground-breaking, made-in-America sound that fills the room. 

You know you’re in for a better experience when you see those signature copper and black speakers. “Big Sound. No Bullshit” is the company’s motto, regardless of the sort of surround sound system you pick for your home theater installation.

Klipsch’s specialized home theater lines are the most convenient Klipsch options. All of the speakers you will need are included in one purchase: two front floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, one center speaker, and two back speakers. 

Reference Speakers from Klipsch: Budget-Friendly, Reliable, Dynamic Experience of Home Cinema

Two elevation speakers are included in the Premiere Dolby Atmos line for true three-dimensional sounds. Depending on your demands and aesthetic choices, we can recommend which of these systems you should install.

And recently Klipsch has released the seventh generation of its dependable, best-selling reference speakers.

Many innovations from the higher-end Reference Premiere models have now trickled down to the lower-end Reference models, giving the new range a familiar look while also benefiting from what the US brand calls the most dramatic enhancements since its creation.

The new reference series, which was first introduced at CES 2022, consists of ten models that range in price from £275 which is $299 and approx AU$399 to £1499 which is $1799 and approx AU$2399. These models are appropriate for multi-channel home cinema applications and two-channel hi-fi. 

To break it down, there are three floor-standing speakers; such as R-605FA, R-600F, R-800F, two bookshelf versions; such as R-50M, R-40M, two center channels; R-50C, R-30C, two powered subwoofers; R-121SW, R-101SW, and a Dolby Atmos height module; R-121SW, R-101SW or R-40SA.

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Reference Speakers from Klipsch: Budget-Friendly, Reliable, Dynamic Experience of Home Cinema

Whether you are building a new AV system from the ground up or upgrading an existing one, the R-605FA floor-stander incorporates up-firing Atmos-enabled speakers, whereas the R-40SA module is structured to add overhead impacts to conventional surround speakers fed by Atmos-compatible recipients.

Klipsch’s edge-to-edge patented Tractrix horn driver, as well as Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) aluminum tweeters, are featured in the new Reference line. Spun-copper thermoformed crystal polymer (TCP) woofers, which have embraced steeper cone angles in the name of greater crossover integration and smoother response, round out the new series’ driver lineup.

Meanwhile, the wood grain vinyl-finished cabinets in black are now better reinforced and have Dolby Atmos connectors, as well as titanium binding posts, allowing hassle-free, distinct height channel integration.

(Image Credit: Klipsch)

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