Spotify’s New “Feature Curators” Programme is a Milestone for User-Made Playlists

Spotify’s New “Feature Curators” Programme is a Milestone for User-Made Playlists

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Spotify has the largest user base, with 180 million subscribers as of the end of 2021, however, Apple Music is catching up, with 98 million paid users as of the end of last year. The firm recognizes that no two of its 406 million global listeners stream in the same way, therefore it is testing a new feature once more.

Spotify’s easy-access playlists have long been one of the company’s major selling points, so with the launch of its Featured Curators trial this month, the company is experimenting a new way to enhance the playlists its users produce.

Spotify revealed that it is testing a new “Featured Curators” feature that showcases popular user playlists with its official Spotify playlists. The new function is part of a limited-time trial that aims to boost the popularity of Spotify playlists. Listeners can also use the function to discover new music on the platform.

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Spotify’s New “Feature Curators” Programme is a Milestone for User-Made Playlists

The curators chosen for this feature, according to sources, are music fans with substantial followings and successful Spotify playlists. Featured Curator playlists will be recommended in-app and on users’ homepages in select markets. Throughout the trial phase, Spotify intends to tweak the new feature.

“Our objective is to make Spotify the number one platform for the best listening experience,” the company claimed in a blog post announcing the announcement. 

“With this pilot, we are providing listeners a new opportunity to find music from fellow fans who are as passionate as they are. We are always experimenting with new and unusual listening experiences and initiatives for our listeners, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.”

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Spotifys New Feature Curators Programme is a Milestone for User Made Playlists 2 1

The new functionality should make it easier to find the platform’s several popular user-generated playlists. Following the success of flagship playlists like ‘Discovery Weekly,’ Spotify is experimenting with pushing playlist creation and exploration even further with this new test.

The new test comes only a few days after Spotify improved its famous Blend playlist-making tool. Currently, the tool allows two Spotify users to explore where their musical tastes intersect by mixing their favorite songs together to find those that they share.

This Blend is then updated with new songs on a daily basis based on everyone’s listening habits. Spotify’s Blend feature was recently enhanced to allow users to create playlists with up to ten people, or even just a few of their favorite artists.

BTS, Kacey Musgraves, Megan Thee Stallion, Charli XCX, Lauv, Mimi Webb, Tai Verdes, Xam, and others have joined Spotify to allow users to combine their tastes in music into a single Blend playlist where their favorite tracks are combined with those from the artists.

Spotify has improved Blend to allow families or groups of friends to build their own shared playlists, in addition to working with artists.

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