Røde NTH-100M: Great Headphone Comes With a Mic Now!

Røde NTH-100M

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When Røde came out with the NTH-100, it kind of took over the headphone market. It was a go-to pick for many looking for a great pair of headphones. 

New Release
Rode NTH-100M

Professional Over-ear Headset with Custom Matched Drivers

In fact, it still is. But if you were holding back on it for the lack of a mic, there’s good news for you. The Røde NTH-100M is basically the same headphone but with a microphone!

Even though the NTH-100M has a lot of similarities, it properly expands the potential usage of the NTH-100 base model. 

Røde NTH-100M
Source: Røde

You can use the NTH-100M with the microphone for video calling, podcasting, gaming, and streaming. The build quality of the Røde NTH-100M even has the same comfort level and build quality as the base model.

In other words, you will get the same performance with added functionality. Use the regular Røde NTH-100? 

Well, you will not need to have to be sad seeing the microphone in the upgraded model. You can convert the base model with a standalone mic. 

Røde NTH-100M
Source: Røde

It goes by NTH-Mic, which you can use to transform the base model into a “broadcast-grade” headset. Now, if you don’t have the NTH-100 and want to know what the Røde NTH-100M is, you have to look back into it. 

But according to what Røde is saying, the NTH-100M has  “precision-engineered acoustic construction optimized for exceptional detail and clarity.” But what about the microphone? 

According to the company, the “broadcast-grade condenser microphone” is “for highly detailed voice reproduction.” So, you can expect it to offer great performance during streaming, podcasting, and gaming.

Røde NTH-100M
Source: Røde

However, you need to consider that the Røde NTH-100M is a wired headphone. So, there’s no ANC or any wireless tech inside. Still, for the comfort that it can offer and its build quality, it is a great pick as a wired headphone.

In fact, according to the users of the base NTH-100 model, the pair of headphones is an exceptional performer for the price. Want to know what the sound performance of the Røde NTH-100M is like? 

It can offer great mid-range performance! You can easily hear the tone and timber of the playback.

Røde NTH-100M
Source: Røde

In short, the Røde NTH-100M is basically an upgraded version of the NTH-100. It offers more functionality and enables users to get more out of their headphones. 

And if you are using the base NTH-100, you can get the same thing that the NTH-100M is offering here through the standalone mic. 

But if you didn’t get one and were looking for a great pair of headphones, the NTH-100M is an excellent pick!

RØDE NTH-100M Professional Over-ear Headset for Media, Broadcast, Podcasting, Content Creation, Streaming, Working From Home,Black
Rode NTH-100M

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