Rode NTH-100: Is It the First Pair of Headphones From Rode for You?

Rode NTH-100

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Rode has a legacy that dates over 50 years but the brand has learned much about audio and sound quality within this timeframe.

New Release
Rode NTH-100

The NTH-100s are the culmination of decades of passion, immersion and innovation in audio technology. Combining exceptional sonic performance, superior comfort and iconic looks.

And after bringing out stellar quality audio devices, it seems like Rode has finally decided to give the headphone market a shot.

The NTH-100 is the very first headphone from the brand. And it is the combination of the decades of passion from the team and the immersion in audio technology.

Rode NTH-100
Source: Rode

In fact, you can even say that headphone is one of the most groundbreaking products that came out from Rode.

However, Rode is not departing from its original commitment by releasing the NTH-100. The pair preserves the promise to offer peerless sound quality. And to be exact, the NTH-100 is the answer to what most fans have been asking for.

At first glance, you will be well-amazed by the overall build quality of the NTH-100. It comes with custom-matched drivers that deliver an accurate frequency response

Rode NTH-100
Source: Rode

On the other hand, the acoustic design of the headphones has been optimized to offer an exceptionally high level of detail and clarity.

Rode has also combined the spacious soundstage that you get from a pair of open-backed headphones with all the benefits that a closed-back pair can offer. That includes noise isolation, which the memory foam ear cushions take care of. 

Also, the  NTH-100 ensures zero sound leakage, which means anyone around you will not be able to tell what you are listening to.

Rode NTH-100
Source: Rode

Although all the specs are audiophile-grade, you will not require a high level of power to get the most out of the NTH-100. The pair boasts relatively high sensitivity and low impedance. That means you will be capable of rocking them with any interface.

Another great thing about the NTH-100 is that the pair does not skimp on comfort and luxury. Rode has utilized Alcantara for the headband and earpad. 

Now, if you are a little familiar with the material, you might know that it is often found in the trimmings of high-end sports cars.

In addition to that, the headband and ear pads feature CoolTech gel, which will take care of the heat that comes into the equation for an extended listening period.

Rode NTH-100
Source: Rode

In other words, the NTH-100 is an excellent choice if you are an audiophile that loves to listen to tracks for hours and hours.

Thanks to the balanced frequency response, you will not even have to worry about ear fatigue during those long sessions. Also, you can make bi-directional adjustments to the ear cups and headbands

So, you will not need to worry about the fit either. Overall, the NTH-100 is a solid pair of headphones. And it has surely spiced up the headphone market to a huge degree.

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