Roost Portable Laptop Stand Review – Why it’s the best

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Whether you’re on the go or just at home, the Roost is the best laptop stand bar none.

The Roost portable laptop stand has been a trusted companion for years. Its design, build quality and portability make it the perfect choice for anyone travelling or those who might have need of a portable office or co-work set up. This video gives you our take on this amazing stand.

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Roost Portable Laptop Stand

The Roost is the best portable laptop stand on the market today. It ticks all the boxes and is something you can easily include in your travelling office or portable working tools. Great to fit in a carry-on or your laptop case without adding bulk or weight.


This is the roost laptop stand. And we’ve done the article. And we’ve listed all of the best portable laptop stands that we think are on the market today.

And when we say portable, we don’t mean like you can fit it in a backpack, but it still looks like you got a fridge in there. We mean portable, slim, compact, easy to fit in your bag, easy to take anywhere lightweight, road warriors choice. This is the kind of stuff we talk about. And the roost fits into that category.

Now, for three years I was in the top 1% of global travelers across the world by distance. And I worked out of offices all over the place, hotels all of that, but I’m not here to tell you about my travel. I’m just here to tell you that this little bad boy went with me everywhere. And even now, it’s hard to know that it’s so old because it’s still performed day in and day out as my number one choice of desktop portable laptop stand.

It’s great for your posture, all the reasons, you know the properties that you’re looking for in an affordable laptop stand exist and can be found and executed in this here.

So, what’s so special about the Roost? Well, for a start it is very small and compact. It’s incredibly lightweight. And it’s never dropped my laptop. It fits in my bag incredibly well, that comes with a lovely case which I lost but would look really cool if I could have shown you that as well. Just a little sleeve that goes over the top with Roost on it.

It’s made by some dude that has a lot more intelligence than me who has something to do with engineering and probably some aircraft or something or space shuttles, I don’t really know.

To open it up. It’s a simple act of sliding it open. And we know that there is a bit of a copy on the market for this but we would recommend that you would reward the guy that invented this.

So what’s special about the Roost? Nice rubber feet. Good back support. Nice rubber feet up here, cradles your laptop very nicely. Laptop leans back this way, roost has three height settings, just by touching these little white things here, you can then drop it down one and drop it down to so it can go quite slender and quite low. And then to pack it up again, you just press it to what things are up like that. So let’s get my laptop, which is an old MacBook Pro. And we’ll put this on here and we’ll see how it looks with the laptop on the Roost. Straight down, boom, just like that. Very stable. Never ever, as I say, dropped it anywhere.

It passes through lots of things like airport security without getting bbbbb it’s made in America. If that’s important to you.

So that’s really it for the roost portable laptop stand. It might run you a little more than some of the other portable stands. But as I say, I’ve travelled with it exhaustively, and it still just functions absolutely flawlessly.

So by buying by once, the Roost is a great choice, that’s it for this video short and sweet.

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The Roost - Portable Laptop Stand
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