5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Smart Diffuser on table in lounge with Amazon Alexa next to it

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Smart Oil Diffusers add the finishing touch to your Smart Home

Best Smart Oil Diffusers

Whether or not you have a fully pimped out Smart Home, or just a smart speaker, the addition of a Smart Diffuser that works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home adds a really nice touch to your home. It doesn’t matter if you believe in aromatherapy or not, just think of it as a better smelling room and the addition of moisturisation to the air (wafts hand upwards towards face in regal fashion).

In recent years aromatic oil diffusers have become incredibly popular. Essential oil companies like doTerra have turned the business of essential oils into a passion for hundreds of thousands of people. Being a smart-home fanatic means that you want a smart diffuser to make it integrate with the rest of your home.

Editor’s Pick
ASAKUKI Smart Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The ASAKUKI has that really beautiful Japanese design aesthetic. The nice strong LED light with color options is stunning (can be turned off), 700ml water capacity for very long use (e.g. through the night) and a smart app for Wi-Fi control. Nice finish and a very affordable price make this stand out from the ‘typical’ looking units on the market.

Best Smart Oil Diffusers Compared

Smart Diffuser NameCapacityLED Colored LightingPrice
1: Maxcio Smart Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser400ml$$
2: ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser700ml$$
3: Geeni Smart Essential Oil Diffuser with Wi-Fi - 200ml200ml$$$
4: InnoGear Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser500ml$$$
5: No products found.160ml$$$
Your smart diffuser might come down to style more than features

There are a couple of options to achieve a smart oil diffuser. You can:

  1. get an oil diffuser that operates as soon as it’s powered on and then connect a smart switch and connect said aromatherapy diffusers into the plug. Viola, smart oil diffuser! Challenge here is most need to be switched on when you power them up as they have digital switches.
  2. get a purpose-built smart oil diffuser that connects to your WiFi (we don’t know of any Z-Wave models at this time) and can then be controlled via your Alexa or Echo Home set up.

For the purposes of this list, we’re going to focus on smart diffusers that are purpose-built including smart assistant integration.

Something we like in our own office is the smart diffuser with our Z-Wave smart bulb and Aeotec Z-Wave LED strip light. To be honest it’s like relaxing in a spa at times with the oil scents dispersing an aromatherapy feel and the lights setting the scene.

Smart Oil diffuser in an office workspace with LED lights on
Smart Oil diffuser and Z-Wave LED lights to set the scene. Source: Make Life Click

So Why a Smart Oil Diffuser?

We think that’s more of a why not? For us, it’s all about the senses. With smart home devices you can turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, control your TV and even know when you have a water leak but having a smart diffuser adds another sensory experience to the mix.

You can set a scene with colored LED lights set to the right color, power your TV on with a Harmony Hub and then have a really nice scent finish the scene perfectly. So, you have sight, sound and scent.

The scent you can choose yourself depending on the pure essential oils you choose. Personally, I like Menthol and Eucalyptus scents but Mint and Citrus can also be really nice. They are not cheap but you only use a few drops so they do last.

How do smart essential oil diffusers work?

Oil differs with with a few simple steps. Once these steps have been done you can then control it through your smart voice assistants. Most all of these units listed include Alexa and Google support.

  1. Put water into the unit. The amount will depend on the size and manufacturers recommendations
  2. Put a few drops into the water. This can depend again on the size of the unit and what is recommended.
  3. Use Wifi connectivity to control them with your smart speaker e.g. Alexa and/or Google Home

Once you have the water and oil in the unit, it’s pretty much set to go. With a smart diffuser you can then control the unit. At a minimum, the on – off function and at most, you’ll be able to control the LED light color, diffusion rate and timing options.

Here is is step by step with pictures

1: Choose your Essential Oils

There are a huge range of oils available that will all work in your smart diffuser.

A range of different essential oils lined up together
There are is huge range of Essential oils available online or in stores | Source: Make Life Click

2: Remove your smart diffuser lid or water reservoir

Most just have a top that comes off but some diffusers have a water container you can pull out.

Smart essential oil diffuser on table with amazon echo next to it.
Either the diffuser lid will come off or there will be a water reservoir you can pull out

3: Pour in the required amount of water

Ideally you will fill it to the top so the essential oil to water ratio is just right. Don’t overfill it as some diffusers will spit water and oil out if there is too much in them.

Hand pouring water in to smart oil diffuser
Don’t overfill it as this might mean you get water spilling out.

4: Add a few drops of essential oil into the water

This might be between 3-6 on average depending on reservoir. Larger reservoirs might need more but you can change this based on your preferences. If you want a stronger oil smell and mist you can add a couple more drops.

Hand pouring essential oil drops in to smart diffuser
A few drops of oil is all it takes

5: Turn it on and enjoy the aroma and scents of the oils

Ask your smart speaker or use the app to turn your smart diffuser on (or just press the button).

Smart diffuser on table that is powered on and emitting oil and mist.
Enjoy the fragrance of the oils wafting through the room

Best Smart Diffusers List

All the scents and smells with a touch of color and some voice automation. This is not in specific order.

1: Maxcio Smart Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser


As Smart diffusers go, the Maxcio hits all the notes. It’s hard to know who came up with the design as it’s been covered by a few brands but this bestseller includes the important things a Smart oil diffuser needs.

It’s a 400ml unit which can be controlled in a low and high mode. This means it will last you between 6 or 12 hours. It’s a WiFi diffuser that connects to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network (the most common network in peoples houses) and the smart app will let you adjust the colors of the LED lights as well as set a schedule you want the diffuser to run on. It can also let you set how long you want it to run on a timer e.g. 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.

You can cycle through colors, have multi-colors or fix it to one color as you like. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights on the app.

You can control this smart diffuser with Alexa or Google Home.

Why we chose the Maxcio Smart Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser?

In terms of functions, the Maxcio smart aromatherapy diffuser ticks all the boxes. While we don’t love the color of the unit it’s one that will blend in with many decors. The ability to schedule it is a nice touch so at the same time in the morning you could have it set to on to wake to pleasant smells or even in the evening when you’re settling down.

The ability to say “Alexa, turn on the oil diffuser” is another one of those smart home things that is something you learn to love. Yes, you can turn on your own diffuser by pushing the button but anyone that owns smart devices knows you get used to not having to press light switches, click to open your garage or…turn on your oil diffuser.

The lights are night a nice touch without being too overwhelming and you have complete control.

Tank capacity at 400ml means you can run this for a while. We like the option to have a high or low output. Low output is nice in the office during the day and high is nice in the evening when really trying to wind down.


  • Good sized 400ml container
  • App is smart and intuitive
  • Schedule feature
  • Timer feature
  • Alexa and Google compatible


  • Don’t love the color – we’re more of the wood look but it will certainly be a nice touch if your decor suits

Summary: A long list of good reviews with an app that gives you the features you need. The ability to run it on full or low modes gives you options for extending your aromatherapy moments.

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Maxcio Smart Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

2: ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser – 700ml + Wi-Fi


If you have any love of Japanese design then the Asakuki Smart Diffuser will immediately appeal to you. The moment we laid on eyes on this beauty we knew it was the one for us.

It comes with a large 700ml container which will give you extended periods of diffusing.

Comes with 7 LED color light combinations. The unit itself becomes the light but it is possible to turn it off if you don’t like it.

The unit comes in different colors but this is the WiFi Smart diffuser model of the three.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can turn the unit on and off. You can also set the LED light color and brightness on the diffuser. e.g. ‘Alexa, set the diffuser to green’ or ‘Alexa, set the diffuser brightness to 50%’.

The TuyaSmart app will also let you set schedules for the diffuser to run to.

Why we chose the ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser?

If you are already committed to Alexa in your house then the Asakuki diffuser is a great pick. It’s nice being hands free to not only control the on and off but to also control the lights and brightness.

The design is just beautiful in our opinion and it would compliment anyone who likes a clean design look.

The large light is a bonus – really helps set the tone so you get that wonderful smell and the ambient mood to suit. If you don’t like it you can always turn it off.

With so many same same looking diffusers on the market this one is one of our favourites.


  • Great sized water container at 700ml. Enough for a nights worth.
  • Beautiful design
  • Large light with 7 LED colors
  • Alexa and Google compatible
  • Not too loud when operating


  • Some people don’t like square, that’s OK. We get it.
  • The light size might put some off.

Summary: Design alone grabs us and the large capacity water and essential oil capacity. A great light which could double as a night light.

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ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

3: Geeni Smart Essential Oil Diffuser with Wi-Fi – 200ml


Immediately you’ll notice that this is only a 200ml smart diffuser with a higher price tag. Interestingly, they say it can last up to 12 hours so either it’s incredibly efficient or it puts out a very gentle amount of humidification.

Geeni is a well-known brand who offer a range of smart home devices so the price tag lends itself to that tried and tested pedigree.

It has a companion app that offers controls over the mist intensity, scheduling, LED light functions and timer settings.

Why we chose the Geeni Smart Diffuser?

This is one of the only smart diffusers on this list that is a neutral color and comes from a family of smart devices.

The ultra-quiet operation also appeals. It can be quite frustrating sitting in a room, or trying to rest and sleep in a room that has the sound of a humidifier humming in the background, some even have a high whistle.

Like others on the list no hub is needed for this to be smart, just the smartphone app to allow it to be controlled by the app, Alexa and Google. The 3 timer settings are useful as sometimes it’s easy to leave a room and waste a lot of oils in the unit.

This can be controlled verbally or via the Geeni App.

For some reason the Geeni seems to look like the perfect gift for someone if you don’t know their style or aesthetic tastes.


  • Quiet operation
  • No hub needed
  • Ability to share access via the app
  • 3 timer settings
  • Scheduling options
  • Also works with Microsoft Cortana


  • Smaller unit at only 200ml
  • A little more expensive than some other units but you’re paying for some experienced branding on this one.

Summary: If you already own Geeni products it’s a likely choice. There is a nice simple look to the unit and the buttons on the unit make easy work if you don’t want to use the smart app or speak to your smart assistant.

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Geeni Smart Essential Oil Diffuser with Wi-Fi

4: InnoGear Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser


The Innogear smart diffuser has the complete spa look to it, by that we mean a nice faux bamboo finish. So if you’ve ever wanted to feel like your in Asia or at your local Spa then this will make you right at home.

But the technology also includes a little flair with the 7 coloured LED light options.

The three buttons on the unit include light controls, WiFi connect button and the mist controls. These can also be managed through the smart app.

Safety cut off, when the water/oil runs out it will auto turn off. Also a standard feature on most all.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home and like the Geeni, you can have multiple people with the app be able to control the unit. You can control the misting either a small or larger output.

Why we chose the InnoGear Smart Essential Oil Diffuser?

This is a nice, classic looking unit which we like. It also has a large 500ml water container which gives a good long time on the oil being diffused.

There is a newer unit but it’s not a smart diffuser and the style is completely different.


  • 500ml water reservoir
  • Nice bamboo look
  • LED Light options
  • Variable diffusing outputs


  • None at this price

Summary: The innogear is an affordable and good looking unit. It’s not as premium as some of the other models but the price reflects this too.

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InnoGear Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

5: Qiumi Smart Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

No products found.

Bringing in the best of both worlds the Quimi Smart diffuser adds the flair of the orient with the lights of a modern Hong Kong.

Made from bamboo and a decent sized LED light makes this an attractive choice. There is a bamboo and glass option and also a bamboo version without the glass. It’s BPA free.

The water capacity is 160ml which makes it the smallest unit on the list. We have a 180ml unit and it runs for about 3-4 hours which is enough for most applications. Qiumi say this has a mist time up to 10 hours but we’d need to see it to believe it.

Why we chose the Qiumi Smart Diffuser?

Mostly we really like Bamboo and the form factor of this as a cylinder would be our second choice after the ASAKUKI listed above. The glass is a really nice touch.

The lights light the water reservoir which allows you to see how much is left in the unit.


  • Alexa and Google Home options
  • Bamboo unit
  • Small and Heavy mist options


  • Small water capacity

Summary: If you like the bamboo, rounded shape and glass as much we do then you’ll take a shine to this unit.

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No products found.


Ultimately the smart diffusers on this list all posses very similar features and benefits. Differing sized water reservoirs and unique apps aside.

They all connect via WiFi and all are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart assistants.

The most unique difference in all of them is the style and design. The volume of their ultrasonic operation can’t be measured but you can be confident they will all output sufficient scents.

Even if you don’t believe in any real benefits to aropmatherapy, the addition of an oil diffuser in your house, office or bedroom is really nice. The ability to change up the scent with different scented oils is great.

While they might be expensive to buy, the oils last the distance and we really like the added LED lights to complete the experience.

We have Z-wave LED light strip with a LIFX smart bulb in the studio and the diffuser just finishes it off nicely. In fact, any smart light bulb is a great choice to pair to great a really complete ambient effect.

Smart home complete…never…but it’s a great addition regardless.

Questions? Drop them below and I’ll be sure to answer.

Asakuki Smart Diffuser
ASAKUKI Smart Oil Diffuser
Water Capacity
Lighting Options
What we like (Pros)
Water reserve size
What we like less (Cons)
None at this price

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