Sennheiser Soundprotex: Go to Concerts Often? You Would Love It!

Sennheiser Soundprotex

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Sennheiser Soundprotex is the perfect solution if you want to attend outdoor festivals, music concerts, and other loud events without worrying about your hearing. Wondering what this new product is all about?

At the core, this hearing protection has been built to ensure that music lovers get the most out of these environments without damaging their hearing abilities. 

Sennheiser aims it specifically toward the people who tend to have longer and repeated exposure to such environments.

Sennheiser Soundprotex
Source: Sennheiser; Soundprotex

Moreover, Sennheiser has put proper emphasis on customer preferences. There are two versions of Sennheiser Soundprotex. 

One is regular, and the other is Plus. On the Plus, you get the option to adjust the sound filtering intensity.

Nonetheless, thanks to Soundprotex, you will no longer need to resort to standard earplugs. While those did what they promised, protecting your hearing, they did degrade the overall experience of the concert.

Sennheiser Soundprotex
Source: Sennheiser: MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

To be exact, music fans claim that the standard earplugs made the singer sound like they were singing from underwater. So, Sennheiser, having years of audio experience, knew they had to step in. 

The audio specialist utilized its extensive expertise in audio to offer something that makes the concert experience more enjoyable. Specifically, the Sennheiser Soundprotex keeps the sound natural but the volume low.

On that note, the Sennheiser Soundprotex has a patented membrane filter tech. This tech assures balanced hearing, delivering a full-frequency sound experience without damaging the hearing.

Sennheiser Soundprotex
Source: Sennheiser: MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

The filter preserves the sound’s sonic details but lowers the pressure before it reaches the ears. Eventually, the filter of the Sennheiser Soundprotex can lower potentially harmful volume levels, allowing you to safely enjoy a prolonged concert session. 

For example, the decibel level at a rock concert can be above 100 dB. Exposure to such high decibel levels for more than 15 minutes damages your hearing. But with the Soundprotex, the case will be pretty different.

Other than that, the Sennheiser Soundprotex has two-sate filters that only allow clear and balanced sound. This combination of sound dampening with a tuned membrane will let you hear the high and low frequencies at the same level.

Sennheiser Soundprotex
Source: Sennheiser: MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Interestingly, to understand speech, we rely on high frequencies. But standard earplugs can mask those. 

As the Soundprotex keeps things balanced, you can even carry out a normal conversation in a concert. In short, the earplugs will let you get a redefined music-listening experience at any show or event.

Another important thing about the Sennheiser Soundprotex is that they are not meant for one-time use. 

You can just wipe or rinse them with water and keep using them. The packages also ship with three sizes of ear tips, which will make sure that you get the right fit.

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