Shure and Jacob Collier AONIC Free True Wireless Earphones: Is This the Collab That Shure Fans Have Been Looking For?

Shure and Jacob Collier AONIC Free True Wireless Earphones

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Shure does not require any introduction. They have been in the audio accessories for a long time. And throughout the time, they have offered nothing but high-end headphones and earphones. However, they have decided to spice things up a bit. How so?

They have paired up with award-winning artist Jacob Collier and brought out AONIC Free True Wireless Earphones. Don’t think that it is just another TWS that has been said to be “tuned” by a famous artist just for grabbing cash. Shure is undoubtedly not one of those brands!

A Quick Look at Shure and Jacob AONIC Free True Wireless Earphones

  • Compact case
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Up to 21 hours of playtime
  • Has properly tuned premium amplifier and driver
  • Offers a load of customization in terms of sound
  • Can properly isolate outside noises
  • Boasts Shure Sound Isolation Technology

Now, the real question is, what makes the AONIC Free stand out from the rest of the lineup? To start with, this TWS does not have the over-ear hook like the previous AONIC earbuds. Instead, Shure has gone all-in to make these comfortable, and it indeed shows. These will fit right into the curvature of the ears without any issues.

There has been a revamp in terms of the carrying case as well. It is now more pocketable. But just because the case is now more compact, it does not mean you will be sacrificing a lot on the battery life. These buds can offer up to 21 hours of playtime with the case. And that is a lot! It even has a fast-charging capability.

To talk about audio quality it is Shure! And they have paired up with an award-winning artist! Both Shure and the artist did tons of tuning to provide a studio-quality, clear, and distortion-free sound to your ears. You will even have the full freedom to customize the sounds according to your preference. The ShurePlus Play app will allow you to set custom pre-sets and multi-band equalizers.

Additionally, this TWS integrates the house Sound Isolating technology. There is an Environmental Mode that will take the help of the built-in microphones. You can stay fully aware of the environment around you while making calls and vibing to your favorite tracks in that mode.

On that note, the shape and the foam sleeves alone can block up to 37 dB of environmental noises. So, this might be the right TWS for you if you do a lot of commuting. Worried about the call quality? You will not have to! Its built-in microphones can block outside noises and transmit crystal clear voices. 

Overall, one thing is pretty clear that this collab has indeed made Shure amp up their TWS game.

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