Shure Aonic 215 vs Shure SE215 – Same or Different?

Lady wearing Shure Aonic 215 earphones

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Many of you know I’m a fan of the SE215. For the price, they offer a decent sound, great accessories and excellent value for money. Shure has put in a couple of decent efforts with Bluetooth Wireless cables including the BT-1 and BT-2 but they haven’t been perfect. If you get a good one, you’re OK but if you don’t, you’ll be sending them back for a replacement.

Shure Aonic 215 vs se215 next to each other on a colored background
Aonic 215 vs se215

Now, Shure has taken a move to be one of the first IEM manufacturers to make in-ear monitors into True Wireless IEMs. First we had the Shure Aonic headphones, which were hugely popular, and now the Shure Aonic 215 IEM.

The evolution of music is never-ending, and the same is true of earphones. Think back to the first pair of earphones you owned – how inexpensive were they? How was the quality of sound? How many features did they have? The answer to all three of those questions probably isn’t too impressive, which just makes the state of earphones today even more amazing.

That evolution toward audio amazingness owes a lot to companies like Shure. They’ve made a lot of noise throughout the years with some of the best headphones and earphones for the Shure Aonic 215 and Shure SE215 are perfect examples of that, closely-related models that are emblematic of Shure’s commitment to comfort and quality audio performance.

But just how well do both models do, and in the head-to-head matchup of the Shure Aonic 215 vs Shure SE215, which is right for you?

Well – it’s really the SE215 earbuds made into a true wireless unit with the aid of a Bluetooth over-the-ear module.

1. Shure Aonic 215 IEM earphones

Shure Aonic 215

There is a lot to like about these wireless IEM, starting with the fact that they offer eight hours of battery life on a single charge, which can be bumped up to 32 with a carrying case. 

The earbuds themselves offer a tight bass and good sound quality for music as well as phone calls, and you get several included in this package. What really makes them unique, however, is that they come with a Bluetooth module that can be detached. What I really like about this move is that if you want the Bluetooth compatibility it’s there for you, but if you don’t or aren’t using Bluetooth at the moment you can detach the module, making the earbuds less cumbersome. It’s a simple yet effective design choice that offers extra comfort and convenience.

That said, while you can ditch the Bluetooth module for a slimmed-down fit, you’re still stuck with a bulky charging case. The oddest drawback, however, is the fact that you only get audio out of the right earbud when taking calls. That’s right – before you start freaking out and worrying that your earbuds are starting to burn out, don’t worry, it’s them, not you. Why make that design choice? Who asked for that? Friends, Romans, Earphone Wearers, lend me your ears (or your right one, anyway) because the answer is…no one?

Shure Aonic 215 How to Setup & Use Video

This model tops $200 on Amazon, so why have $100+ of that fall silent for calls? Hopefully, feedback about that doesn’t fall on deaf ears, since otherwise, this is a pretty solid and innovative Bluetooth earphone set.

Overall the Aonic 215 is a really smart move from Shure that allows you to leverage Bluetooth without losing the quality of sound. If you need to plug into an aeroplane plug or need a wired cable the MMCX connections make it an intelligent and flexible choice.

View more details of the Aonic 215 earphones on Amazon

2. Shure SE215 IEM earphones

Shure SE215

This model is effectively the same as the Aonic 215, which may be good or bad news for you depending on what you prefer for earbud thickness.

So, with that said it’s a like for like really. One good point is that the molding sits securely in your ear while the cable fits around it, creating a tight seal that is perfect for musicians looking to perform live as the cable can secured behind your head.

Even better, the foam earbuds are comfortable while also blocking out most external noise, a combination that isn’t always easy to pull off and is done to perfection here. The tips that come with both models give ample options for your preference.

The sound is strong with the MMCX cable with a decent bass, though the treble is a bit more rounded than some may like. Still, the biggest note of this model is that it’s consistent but not flashy. That said, it is also a lot less expensive, sitting at just under $100 on Amazon.

The Aonic still provides solid sound so while I often tout the benefits of cables, the MMCX connector does offer the best of both worlds.

In short, if you’re looking for a model that delivers solid and consistent audio quality, is a good fit for musicians, especially guitarists and singers, is reasonably comfortable, and won’t cost you a ton of money.

View more details of the Shure SE215 earphones on Amazon

3. Head-to-Head Spec Comparison

Shure Aonic 215 SpecificationsShure SE215 Specifications
Frequency: 22 HzFrequency: 22 Hz
Sensitivity: 107 dBSensitivity: 107 dB
Impedance: 17 OhmsImpedance: 17 Ohms
Battery Life: 8 hours, 32 hours with chargerBattery Life: 10 hours
Noise Cancellation: YesNoise Cancellation: No
Wireless Capability: YesWireless Capability: No
Look quite similar dont they | Shure Aonic 215 vs SE215

Of course, the big question is how these two models match up against one another. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Shure Aonic 215 vs Shure SE215 and see what their competing spec stories reveal.

As you can see from the chart, there’s a lot to recommend the Aonic 215 over the SE215 as it offers both wired and wireless options and the ability to take phones calls without being tethered to wires. It has a decent battery life so while the charger it comes with is a bit bulky, it gives more than three times as much battery life as many other Ture Wireless models, giving it a clear edge for anyone looking to listen for long periods of time.

The Aonic 215 has a battery level indicator, noise cancellation capabilities, and can go wireless, all of which are features the SE215 lacks.

And that’s just the start. The Aonic 215 delivers consistent 20 Ohms. In most cases, the SE215 hovers around 20 Ohms. This means the Aonic 215 has potentially better impedance performance, which in turn means you can get better performance at higher volume while using less power. 

The Aonic 2015 also has a control panel on the device, making it that much easier to change settings on the fly.

All of these factors combined make it easy to see that the Shure Aonic 215 has far more capabilities than the SE215 with wireless being the obvious stand-out.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any factors to recommend the SE215, however. It has a detachable cable and is about half the price of the Aonic 215. That being said, I still think the Aonic 215 is still pretty comfortable, and it’s far more advanced.

Finally, earphone selection is a personal choice, and an ever-evolving one. I love both of these earphones for what they bring to the table – affordable sound wired or wireless.

Shure always has my ear when they announce new in-ear monitors or headphones, and with innovations such as the SE215, I’m sure they’ll keep making noise in the market for a long time.

If you have questions pop them in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Shure Aonic 215 vs Shure SE215 – Same or Different?”

  1. I have and lube the Aonic 215s, and had 2 sets of the se215s before those, but the Aonics have pretty much rendered the other obsolete due to wireless being awesome for me. I am curious if you know of any really good, and stable Bluetooth 5 aptx like latency transmitters, as that would make them even more valuable for IEM use,. Surprised no one has made something for this area that has good power options yet (even Shure).

  2. I do not know the technicalities of different pieces of equipment, but your article was easy to read AND I understood the 215 differences to make an educated decision! Thanks!

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