Shure SRH840A: A Professional Closed-Back Over-Ears That Will Not Break Your Bank

Shure SRH840A

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Balance sound signature, less curvy soundstage curves, and a comfortable listening experience are things that professionals ask for.

However, in most cases, the over-ears that nail on these factors will make you save up for months and eventually put a big dent in your wallet. But that changes with the Shure SRH840A. At the price it offers, 840 has got a lot of features.

New Release
Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

SRH840 is a great choice from Shure, optimized for studio recording. The closed-back, circumaural collapsible design makes it a great choice at the price point.

Main Features of Shure SRH840A

  • Foldable design that makes the over-ears easy to transport and store
  • Packs large 40mm drivers that deliver enhanced frequency responses
  • Boasts a premium and sleek outlooks
  • Sports a good amount of padding
  • Has a detachable cable

First of all, ergonomics is the focus of these professional monitoring headphones. Shure surely did not skimp one bit on the padding on the earpads and headband. As a result, these over-ears are well-capable of offering a comfortable wearing and listening experience, even for extended periods.

However, Shure knows that comfort is not the only thing that record producers look for. That is why they have put a proper amount of effort into the audio quality of the over-ears. The frequency responses are tailored to offer clear mid-range, extended highs, and rich bass.

The drivers are optimized for precise studio monitoring and critical listening. Even though it is a closed-back over-ears, the soundstage is pretty balanced. And nailing a balanced soundstage is not that easy for closed-back studio monitors.

Talking of which, as it is closed-back, you don’t have to worry about background noise while you are carrying out the critical listening sessions. You will even find that it has a detachable locking cable. Its locking mechanism securely locks the cable in place to enhance the overall durability.

Although the price point is relatively lower than other available studio over-ears, it does not mean that the unit looks cheap. In fact, you will be well-amazed by the looks of the over-ears. Starting from the build quality to the gold color accents, it all feels and looks high-end.

Shure SRH840A
SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones are optimized for critical listening and studio monitoring.

The same thing applies to the overall design. It features a proper collapsible design, which is not common in studio over-ears in this price range. As a result, storing and transporting it around will become an effortless task.

On that note, the detachable trait will let you effortlessly replace the cable if you have to. And Shure is generous enough to offer an additional straight cable with the purchase. The package will also bundle with a 6.3 mm gold-plated adapter. There is a carrying bag included too.

To conclude, you will be getting a lot for a pricing range above $120. And the fact that this studio over-ears offer a well-balanced soundstage paired with a comfortable overall experience, you will be getting something that will be worth each penny.

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