Spotify HiFi: Is it Finally Coming?

Spotify HiFi Is it Finally Coming

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According to the announcement made in February of 2021, Spotify was supposed to have a new HiFi tier by the end of 2021 in selected markets. However, the self-imposed deadline ended, and the eagerly awaited HiFi tier is still nowhere to be found.

So, users started to express their frustration, which is pretty natural. They are obviously rightful to be frustrated regarding the company’s inability to offer a much-awaited feature. The matter got worse when Apple Music started to provide both Lossless and Spatial Audio support to its users in June 2021.

Not to mention, the aforementioned high-end features are available to Apple users without any additional cost. For that reason, when it comes to lossless music, Apple Music is now a go-to option for many. Seeing all of this chaos, Spotify has finally decided to respond. But, their response was not as detailed as you might have thought it would be.

After months of silence, Spotify responded by saying that they understand how vital HiFi audio is for the users. Even they feel the absence of lossless audio quality in the platform. They added that they do look forward to offering an up-to-the-mark HiFi experience to the Premium users of the platform in the future.

However, they did not offer any information regarding when the HiFi experience is coming to the platform. Nonetheless, they assured the users that they would share all about the timing and details when they can. In other words, more waiting for Spotify users!

At this point, many users are thinking of switching. As stated, Apple Music is offering lossless and spatial audio without any additional cost.

In comparison, Spotify initially mentioned that the HiFi experience would carry an additional cost. But considering that Apple is offering extra features without any cost, there is a high chance that Spotify might change its plans.

Additionally, now that Spotify is pretty late to the game and is still offering vague responses, this new service is sure to face a lot of competition when it actually arrives.

Deezer, Amazon Music HD, Tidal HiFi, and Qobuz have already jumped into the HiFi train. So, Spotify already knows that they are in a very tough spot, which might make them offer the much-awaited feature pretty soon. However, their silence is not helping them with the matter at all.

Regardless, one thing that is pretty certain is that Spotify will have a HiFi feature in the future as they did not wholly scrape the plan yet. So, do you plan to wait? Or are you already thinking of making the switch?

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