Soliom s600 4G LTE Solar Powered Security Camera Review – Perfect Tilt & Pan Camera For Remote Locations

Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera

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Release Date
December 10, 2021
2 lbs
68.4 x 112.8 x 84 in

The Soliom s600 is a little bit different from a lot of the other security cameras that you might see around the place, and there is a very unique feature to it that will make it particularly attractive to people who are looking to put it places where wifi doesn’t go.

The Soliom s600 has everything you need to place it in remote places because it’s 4G LTE only.

It could be if you have a farm or a large property or need to just put it in some place where no other technology exists, this is the camera for you.

There are so many reasons this suits these environments.

Editor’s Pick

Soliom S600 3G/4G Solar Panel Tilt Pan Security Camera

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Price Range: $
Brand: Soliom
Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera and solar panel


This solar powered outdoor camera has it all, except WiFi. This makes it perfect for locations where WiFi won’t reach.

Long driveways, remote locations, farms and ranches, large properties can all now have a remote camera that not only uses solar power but also 4G LTE connections with local storage.

Spotlights, 2 Way Talk, Tilt, Pan, Solar, 4G – what else do you need?

The Specs

  • Field of View:  320° horizontal | 90° vertical and FOV 160° lens angle
  • Video:  1080p HD | Live View | starlight Night Vision
  • Motion Detection:  Digital PIR sensor
  • Audio:  Loud Two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Power:  Large Solar light panels ( 4000mAH battery input and you can install 18650 battery to solar panel)
  • Connectivity:  802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectio

What’s in the Box?

  • Camer
  • Solar Panel
  • 1/4-Inch Collet
  • Batteries
  • Detector
  • Wall mounting base

Stuff I like

  • Can be placed in areas where power and WiFi don’t reach
  • Great build quality
  • Super simple set up
  • Easy to mount with mounting sticker and mounting plate
  • Extension cables for Solar Panel if it needs to be placed further from camera
  • Local storage and Cloud Storage
  • Spotlight is bright!
  • Tilt & Pan to 360 degrees

Stuff I like less

  • Limit on networks supported

Comparable products to consider

Soliom Pan Tilt Security Camera Outdoor 355
Soliom Pan Tilt Battery Powered Wireless Security Camera Outdoor 355°

1. Solar Panels

The first being that it comes with a solar panel. 

The solar panel fits nicely on top of the camera but also has an extension cable that you can use where if the camera itself is in a shaded or in an area that does not receive sunshine, you can run the extension cable and the solar panel to a place where you can be confident it will get sunlight and charge the unit.

This means you could use this camera completely off-grid in terms of not needing any accessible power to keep it running.

2. Local footage storage

The second reason it works for remote locations is its ability to record footage to a micro SD card, which can be fitted into the camera to store all of your footage locally and not have to rely on a wireless cloud connection to store in the cloud.

Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera and solar panel
Can be used in any extreme weather conditions | Make Life Click

If you do want to store in the cloud, this is an option, but not through wifi. And this leads me on to the third standout point for this camera being used in remote or unconnected locations.

3. 4G LTE Connectivity

This camera does not have wireless. It connects via a 4G LTE connection and is limited to a couple of networks in the United States.

Don’t buy this camera at this time if you’re trying to make it work with a 4G network in another country. 

If in doubt email Soliom, their customer support is great.

A great inclusion with the Soliom S600 is that it comes with a SIM card with about 300 MB of data already pre-supplied on it.

So, wherever you are in the U.S. you can take this camera, connect it, get it set up before you even need to go out and get a new connection to your network provider. 

The SIM card inserts easily at the bottom of the camera and when you open up the app, the device will ask you to scan the QR code with the camera itself.

To be clear, holding the QR code that pops up on the app in front of the camera creates the connectivity required for this to become active. 

It’s quite similar to the SwitchBot Tilt Pan Cam in this regard and makes it very easy to set up and get going.

The unit has two antennae on it to increase the connectivity and so, a great location for this is those spots around your property or perhaps your vacation property where wifi isn’t really an option. 

Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera wall mount
Easy to install wall mount | Make Life Click

We don’t have wifi at our holiday place down the coast, but unfortunately, we also don’t have the network required for this camera, but we expect that it’s coming soon and I’m going to enjoy having this fitted as it’s important to me to have visibility on the property, but without wifi, it makes this very difficult.

The Soliom s600 Tilt Pan Cam takes care of this for me. 

The camera can be remote and connected.

What else does this camera do that is handy? 

The Soliom also includes a spotlight, which is really bright, and if you watch the accompanying video to this article you’ll see the light come on when I block the sensor for a moment.

The thing is blinding, which may not be clear on the video, but I can assure you that it was a most uncomfortable experience looking into the lights. 

There is night vision on the unit, which is fantastic, and a PIR Motion Sensor.

There’s two-way talk, so if you do notice someone on the camera, you can have a chat with them or just shout at somebody that shouldn’t be where they are on the camera, and with the two-way, they can shout or talk back to you. 

Undoubtedly, one of the coolest features of this camera is the 360-degree pan-tilt functionality.

Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera accessories
Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera accessories | Make Life Click

You’ll see in the video that I demonstrate the left and right turning of this and the up and down. 

The picture quality is excellent and I’m gonna refer you over to home reviews who have done a great job of reviewing this camera and providing footage after mounting it on a tree on his driveway.

The ability to pan left and right, up and down, and get a full view of where the camera sits removes that uncertainty that you get with a lot of other cameras like the ring cameras where often motion is detected, but by the time you look at the footage, the object or person has already passed by the camera. 

And even with a wide depth of view on the ring cameras, it’s often just not enough to get a full view of the property where the camera is set up.

I absolutely love how simple this unit is to set it up. 

With the mounting plate and the supplied stickers, you can easily put the sticker where you wanna mount it, make sure it’s flush, pre-drill your holes, add the mounting bracket, and then click on the unit itself.

You then simply just need to plug in the solar panel, which clips on the top very easily, and then insert the SIM card, scan the app, and you’re good to go.

Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera right side view
1080p high-resolution images and sharp night vision make you never miss any details | Make Life Click

I will say if you’re planning on mounting this high up in a tree or anywhere that’s quite out of reach that you’re better to get the camera set up and ready to go before you do install it.

It is awesome not needing to worry about wifi range or power connectivity, and this thing really is an all-in-one unit with a spotlight, two-way talk, 360-degree pan-tilt, solar charging, and 4G LTE connectivity. 

Soliom has long been on our best outdoor solar panel cameras list and they will continue to do so with this unit.

Any questions, let us know in the comments below. I would be happy to answer them.

SOLIOM Solar Security Camera Outdoor,WiFi Wireless Battery Powered Rechargeable Home Camera with Panel,Spotlight Color Night Vision and PIR Motion Detection,Siren,2-Way Audio,Cloud Storage/SD S800C
Soliom S600 Outdoor Camera
Soliom S600 LTE Solar Powered Camera and solar panel
Soliom S600 4G LTE Outdoor Solar-powered Security Camera
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Easy to Install
Camera/Video Quality
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  1. Why does the Solomon S600+ require access to my albums? I would think that it would only require access to my camera and microphone but it seems it wants access to my photo albums.

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