Sonos Event Is Due for 25th May: Does That Mean New Sonos Products?

Sonos Event Is Due for 25th May Does That Mean New Sonos Products

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The company Sonos has sent out save the date invites for an event due on 25th May. And this suggests that the company’s latest innovation might get unveiled real soon. The event has the tagline “Step into the magic with Sonos” and an assorted media and press tagline “Join us as we Journey through Sonos.” 

Again, both of the taglines offer real hopes for new products. Nonetheless, if you look at the “Journey” from the media and press invite tagline, you will notice that it starts with a capital J.

Could this be a hint for the new feature or device? Many are thinking that this could be a teaser for something portable.

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Sonos Event Is Due for 25th May Does That Mean New Sonos Products

On that note, the event plans to include “tech briefings by appointment,” suggesting that some new tech is sure on the map for discussion. 

Well, all of these invitation taglines are telling that Sonos is sure to unravel something at the event. However, we do have some clue over what it could be.

Sonos has been expanding into the Smart TV interfaces for quite a while now. They have been making that shift with the Home Theatre OS project. How did this clue get out? 

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Sonos Event Is Due for 25th May Does That Mean New Sonos Products

If you look at the job adverts, you will notice that Sonos was looking for people with relevant experience. Maybe the project is soon to be finished, and we will be able to take our first look at the fruits of the labor.

Nonetheless, TVs are a completely new area for Sonos. Up until now, Sonos has been releasing apps to control the extensive range of speakers that they offer for desktop PCs and mobile devices. However, the firm did not design, develop, or release anything related to TVs.

Even if you look at the existing home cinema products, you will see that they do not ship with their remote controller. Instead, all products need to be controlled using a third-party remote. So, could this new event finally announce something related to TVs?

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Sonos Event Is Due for 25th May Does That Mean New Sonos Products

Other than that, you should also remember that Sonos has recently acquired Mayht, which offers a transducer technology to shrink the speaker’s size to 10 times.

This acquisition is basically making people think that Sonos plans to reveal a small and compact speaker at the event.

Then, another rumor has gone around for a long time now: the Sonos Wireless headphones. Even though we do not have solid proof regarding the rumor’s credibility, it is undoubtedly possible that the wireless headphones might see the light of day in the event.

(Image Credit: Sonos)

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