Sony PS5 Pro Now Has a Potential Release Window

Sony PS5 Pro

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Ever since the launch of PS5, rumors regarding Sony PS5 Pro have been coming out left and right. But the thing with most of them is that they don’t come from a reliable source, making them less trustworthy. 

Well, the case is a bit different from the latest report. It comes from Tom Henderson, who’s known to be highly reliable when it comes to console news. 

As a matter of fact, Tom is the first person who has revealed accurate insider information about the Sony Project Q and DualSense PS5 controller. So, anything coming from Tom can be taken with fewer grains of salt.

Sony PS5 Pro
Source: PlayStation; PS5

Nonetheless, Tom Henderson says the Sony PS5 Pro is known as ‘Trinity’ among Sony developers. It’s basically a codename, which every console has. 

And the codename matches with the other PlayStation releases as it’s a Matrix-themed name. For those unaware, the PS4 Pro came with the ‘Neo’ codename, while the PS VR had the ‘Morpheus’ codename. 

But it’s not just the codename that Tom has shed light upon. Tom says that Sony began the development of the Sony PS5 Pro back last year.

Sony PS5 Pro
Source: PlayStation; PS5

And at this point, Sony is preparing to release the next-gen console in November 2024, which is about four years from the release of the original PS5 model. As you may have guessed, the Sony PS5 Pro will bring some performance upgrades. 

Tom Henderson claims that the console will bring a host of picture improvements. That includes the inclusion of an 8K performance mode, more consistent frame rates at 4K resolution, and accelerated ray tracing.

Here, accelerated ray tracing will offer much-improved reflections and lighting within games. And that’ll eventually deliver more realism and depth to your favorite games.

Sony PS5 Pro
Source: PlayStation; PS5

When it comes to raw specs, Tom Henderson suggests that the Sony PS5 Pro will boast “30 WGP (workgroup processors) and 18000mts.” 

In comparison, the regular PS5 comes with 18 WGP, which means there’ll be a substantial upgrade in terms of graphical performance. 

So, PS5-exclusive games should offer a redefined experience. While this news from Tom Henderson suggests that Sony PS5 Pro is over a year away, reports regarding PS5 Slim and a refreshed standard PS5 are gaining momentum. A refreshed standard PS5?

Sony PS5 Pro
Source: PlayStation; PS5

According to the reports, Sony will relaunch the console with a detachable disc drive. That refresh standard PS5 is expected to launch later this year. 

But again, none of these claims have been confirmed by Sony. So, no matter how reputable the source may be, you should always take these pieces of information with a grain of salt.

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