Sony PS5 Slim: Microsoft Spilled the Beans about the Release

Sony PS5 Slim

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Fans are still waiting for the release of the Sony PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro. While Sony did not give any official information regarding the two versions of the PlayStation 5, Microsoft has given out insider information in a court document.

As you might know, the fight between Microsoft and Federal Trade Commission is (FTC) still on. And as a part of the legal jousting between the two, the lawyer from Microsoft has reported that Sony will release the PS5 Slim before the end of 2023.

Now, considering the fact that the news is coming from Microsoft, the chances of us seeing the Sony PS5 Slim before the end of 2023 is certainly high. 

Sony PS5 Slim
Source: Sony; PS5

Also, you need to factor in that PS5 will be three years old with the coming November of this year. This timeline makes a lot of sense when you look back at Sony’s past releases.

But there’s not really much to be excited about. After all, the slimmer versions of PlayStations do not come with upgraded hardware. That’s reserved for the Pro version of the consoles.

Instead, as the name suggests, the Sony PS5 Slim will just be a trimmed-down version of the regular PlayStation 5 in terms of size. 

3 Sony PS5 Slim
Source: Sony; PS5

But for those who are still on PlayStation 4, this could be the right time to get yourself a proper upgrade. 

On that note, in the court document, Microsoft has claimed that the upcoming Sony PS5 Slim will launch at the same price tag as the PS5 Digital Edition

That’s the most affordable option of the two versions that Sony offers. This pricing information also makes sense. 

Sony PS5 Slim
Source: Sony; PS5

But as we are still far from the end of 2023, there’s a chance that Sony might change things up a little. 

So, keep in mind that nothing is set to stone before Sony reveals information about the devices by itself.

But the real question is, will the Sony PS5 Slim come with a disc drive? As of now, there have not been any image leaks of the console. 

Sony PS5 Slim
Source: Sony; PS5

For that reason, it’s tough to say whether the Slim version of PlayStation 5 will come with a disc drive.

However, as Microsoft says that the Sony PS5 Slim will be priced similarly to the disc-less version of PlayStation, the chances of it coming without a disc are high. 

After all, Sony would not like the regular version of PlayStation 5 to be less attractive to gamers.

Nonetheless, what’s confirmed is that the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim will come with a better cooling system and optimized power solution. That’s a trend for slim versions of PlayStations.

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