A Quick Guide To Pick The Best Speakers For a Turntable [2022]

speakers for a turntable

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People do not usually get turntables as a centerpiece. Yes, they do look exquisite, making them a true showpiece to admire. However, they do have a functional purpose. And that is exactly what most of the buyers focus on.

But the thing is, if you do not hook it up with proper speakers for a turntable, the turntable will be nothing but a centerpiece. Well, the good news is that choosing the best speakers for a turntable is not something you will need to research for weeks. Keeping the basics in mind will be more than enough!

Want to know what basics you should be doing homework on before compiling your shortlist? Consider sticking until the end!

How To Choose Good Speakers for a Turntable?

The market has a vast majority of amp and speakers for turntables. And when you consider these factors, choosing one for your setup will become a piece of cake:

1. Phono Stage

If you are opting for passive speakers for turntable, you need to get a phono preamp, otherwise known as a phono stage. Without the photo preamp, the speakers will not work with the turntable, and you will not get any sound from the system.

But the good news is that most options will come with a built-in stereo amplifier. That stereo amplifier will have the phono stage. So, before purchasing an external photo preamp, consider whether the one you are going for has one built-in or not.

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2. Bluetooth Connectivity

Many of the available decks will come with a Bluetooth chip. That will enable you to connect with any Bluetooth speaker, such as the Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation. This connection is the most convenient way of getting sound out of your turntable. You will not even have to worry about wires.

speakers for a turntable
Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation Speakers

However, there is a caveat. Bluetooth speakers are not well-known for offering pure sound quality. So, if you are okay with the trade-off, you should opt for a Bluetooth speaker.

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3. Sound Quality and Volume Control

Last but not least, consider the sound quality and volume control. To get an immersive experience out of the vinyl, you should opt for something that offers crisp, clear, and distortion-free sound.

Want examples of the speakers that can offer such sound quality? The KEF LS50 Meta is an excellent example in this case as it can offer stellar sonic transparency. Its subtle and precise presentation blows most available speakers out of the water.

speakers for a turntable
KEF LS50 Meta

Furthermore, do factor in whether the volume control is easy to work with or not. A bad user experience can make good speakers less worthy of the money.

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Final Thoughts

If you keep the basics of the speakers for a turntable in your mind, choosing something that will offer worth every penny you will spend will become a breeze. And now that you have gained that knowledge, nothing can stop you from shopping with more confidence.

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