Spotify HiFi Tier On the Horizon with AI?

Spotify HiFi Tier

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The Spotify HiFi Tier has been one of the most anticipated launches in the wireless streaming market. After all, Spotify has been teasing it for about six years.

But, of course, we did get a couple of leaks here and there throughout this period. However, Spotify has been basically silent about it for quite an extended amount of time.

Regarding the leaks, one of the recent reports that has been catching a lot of attention gives away some details about the tier.

Spotify HiFi Tier
Source: Spotify

This leak surfaced on Reddit and suggested that the Spotify HiFi Tier will offer 24-bit lossless audio. But that’s quite expected as the tier has HiFi in its name. And, what’s really interesting about the leak is that it suggests that Spotify will utilize AI.

The AI feature will work to help create HiFi playlists. According to the leaker, these details are mentioned in the Spotify source code. It references the lossless tier and calls the Spotify HiFi Tier ‘Superpremium.’

Moreover, the leak pointed out that Spotify will refer to the Spotify HiFi Tier as a tier that has “no lags and delays.” It also suggested that Spotify will offer 30 hours of audiobook listening a month to the users of the subscribers.

Spotify HiFi Tier
Source: Spotify

In addition, the leak hinted that the subscribers will have the ability to order music libraries according to their mood, activity, and preferred genre.

The source code even has mentions of advanced tools. That includes the ability to order playlists by beats per minute. The Spotify HiFi Tier will supposedly also offer the ability to blend one song with another.

Another interesting feature mentioned in the leak goes by the ‘soundcheck’ name. This feature will show you what ‘mix of sounds is uniquely you.’ These mixes will be based on listening habits and history.

Spotify HiFi Tier
Source: Spotify

There are no concrete details about the price, though. The source code mentions $19.99 for the Spotify HiFi Tier, but it could be a placeholder. Previously, Spotify has mentioned its Platinum tier at that price.

But did Spotify say anything regarding this leak? As expected, Spotify is still silent about the HiFi Tier.

However, a spokesperson told The Verge that “the firm is constantly iterating and ideating to improve our product offering and offer value to users.”

Spotify HiFi Tier
Source: Spotify

The spokesperson added that they wouldn’t “comment on speculation around possible new features and do not have anything new to share at this time.” But this leak does suggest that the time for the official Spotify HiFi Tier launch is right around the corner and it’s long overdue.

Also, since the official confirmation that the tier is coming, Amazon Music and Apple Music started to offer HiFi audio at no extra cost. So, it would be interesting to see how Spotify justifies the extra cost for the HiFi tier.

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