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Spotify HiFi

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Spotify HiFi has been teased multiple times in the past few years. And Spotify did not give any exact date in either of the teasers. Well, it seems the high-fidelity tier for the streaming platform might finally be a thing.

But you might not want to get too excited as the pricing is less likely to be highly competitive. If you can not remember, Spotify teased the HiFi tier in early 2021.

Music stars such as Fiennease and Billie Eilish promised that select markets would be able to try out the feature at the end of 2021.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Jumpstory

But that did not happen, nor did Spotify say anything officially regarding the delay. Now, insiders from Bloomberg are stating that Spotify HiFi will soon be official

It will be a new subscription tier for the music streaming platform, and it will have support for Hi-Res audio. The insiders have even given out the details of the tier. It will seemingly be named “Supremium.” 

And as you might have guessed, this HiFi tier from Spotify will be more expensive than the other subscription plans Spotify currently has. However, there’s no clear indication of how much it could cost.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Jumpstory

Even though one leak from late 2022 gave us a rough idea of how much it could cost. It suggested that the Spotify HiFi tier would be double the price of the Premium tier. 

A user was seemingly emailed from Spotify, which asked if they would resubscribe to the platform if Spotify bought a new Platinum plan. So, what’s the Platinum plan all about? 

As far as speculations go, the Platinum plan would offer access to Spotify HiFi along with Studio Sound, Audio Insights, Headphone Tuner, Library Pro, Limited-ad Spotify podcasts, and Playlist Pro.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Jumpstory

Now, if Spotify HiFi will indeed cost double the price of Spotify Premium, the streaming service needs to offer many features. Without meaningful benefits, users will not call the price justified. 

And if that happens, audiophiles will likely stick with other platforms that provide HiFi. For example, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music Unlimited. 

That said, the introduction of the Spotify HiFi tier will not take away the Spotify Premium tier. So, that’s a good point. In fact, it may even include free access to audiobooks. Although, there’s no clear information regarding whether Spotify will limit access.

If you are wondering, the insiders at Bloomberg did not mention a precise date on when the tier will launch. So, you will still need to do some waiting to hear Hi-Res music from your favorite Spotify app.

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