The Apple Airpods Pro 2 Could Be the Best Running Earbuds if It Checks These Criteria

The Apple Airpods Pro 2 Could Be the Best Running Earbuds if It Checks These Criteria

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The thing about the AirPods Pro is that Apple did not explicitly market them as the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds for runners. But for anyone that is into staying fit, they are a good pair of TWS. 

Thes buds boast a solid sound quality, have great Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature, and are pretty much resistant to water and sweat. But the AirPods pro was available for purchase in October 2019. And with the 3rd gen of AirPods out, there is a high chance that AirPods 2 Pro might see the light pretty soon.

However, the new iteration needs to do some things right to become the perfect running and exercising earbuds. What have we learned so far?

1. Amped-up Sweat Protection

The AirPods Pro currently offers IPX4 protection. That means it will be resistant to splashes only. However, there are loads of sports-centric earbuds with amped-up IPX ratings. Apple should definitely put effort into the sealing and rubber rings on the internal for the next one. At least IPX6 should be the target for Apple.

2. Volume Controls

AirPods Pro sports squeeze control or touch controls. Even though Apple’s implementation is pretty easy to get used to, runners undoubtedly prefer physical buttons. It will make things much more manageable.

The Apple Airpods Pro 2 Could Be the Best Running Earbuds if It Checks These Criteria

Physical volume control is already a thing for the Apple TWS lineup, which is the Beats Powerbeats Pro. That is a sports-centric TWS, and implementing the exact mechanism on the AirPods Pro 2 should not be that hard.

3. Tracking Features

Apple had already created a couple of patents on tracking features. And tracking and biometric sensors are not a new thing for TWS either. Amazfit and Jabra already have earbuds that take full advantage of the technology. So, why should it be missing from the AirPods Pro lineup?

4. Bring Some Apple Watch Features

Another thing that could make the AirPods Pro 2 a favorite for runners and fitness enthusiasts is by integrating the Apple watch features. In fact, the Apple watch now offers one of the best run-tracking experiences when it comes to wearables. Again, it will not be that hard to merge the same functionality on Airpods Pro 2.

5. Add Hooks

Even though AirPods Pro offers a great overall fit, it is still loose for some users. The loose feeling might be okay for casual music listening, but the buds will surely fall from the ears if those users start to run or jog.

For the pro lineup, Apple needs to address that not every ear is the same. And they can effortlessly mitigate the issue by integrating ear hooks. This simple addition can make the AirPods Pro 2 offer a secure fit for everyone.

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